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Is the popular Pitu app a threat to your privacy?

  • Pitu app allegedly saves information without the knowledge of the users
  • The app denies the allegations and says that they never archive photos or information from their users

In the past week, there has been a face swap application that has been trending in social media sites.

Netizens have found the trending Chinese makeover app named Pitu amusing and funny because of the various edits you can make. Users can input their face on black and white photos wearing outfits that are worn during the revolution years.

However in a post shared by a Facebook user named Jano Cochon, he observed that the app may be saving data from your phone without you even realizing it.

From your browser history, your phone calls, your location, to even the things that can be heard through your microphone and watched through your camera.

The #PITU app is reading your browser history, checking your phone calls, remembering your location, listening to your microphone, and watching your camera.

Sige maki uso ka pa.

Just because it doesn’t cost money doesn’t mean it’s free.

The same goes for most of those quiz apps that tell you what your super powers are or what celebrity you look like and those that make you look like the opposite sex.”

According to other tech experts, the problem with the app also lies on the unrelated functions and rights, like the access to “voice recording”, which doesn’t have any connection to the app’s main usage, that is for editing photos.

Photo taken from Kikaysikat blogger Kaycee Enerva

Another alarming feature is its requirement to run at startup which may allow the app to have access to your personal information such as private usernames and passwords.

Pitu then made an official statement on it’s Weibo account saying that they would not use or archive users’ uploaded photos or personal information when promoting the face swap game.

Written by Jacks

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