Top 10 Tips to a Better Digestive Health – according to Essentiale® & Dulcolax®


  • World Digestive Health Day is on May 29
  • Essentiale® Forte P and Dulcolax® join hands in a campaign to make our digestive systems happier and healthier
  • Together, the two brands take action to remind people about the importance of keeping the digestive system healthy.



Digestive health is probably one of those issues that are most unheeded by many Filipinos. Apart from having an undying predilection for unhealthy food, there really is a lack of convenience for the availability of a more healthy food selection. Who sells cheap, ready-to-eat vegetables? Since salad’s demand is very low, the price comes very high; it indeed automatically becomes a food for the well-off. Frustratingly, what’s nearly available to us, metro people, are cheap, easy-made, processed food. Clearly, we know the many risks of these processed foodstuff.

Last May 29 was World Digestive Health Day – and, pretty sure, many of us aren’t even aware of that. This day may be over, however, having a healthy digestion is always relevant. That is why Essentiale® Forte P and Dulcolax® joined hands in a campaign to make our digestive systems happier and healthier. Together, the two brands take action to remind people about the importance of keeping their digestive system healthy.

  1. SAY NO TO JUNK FOOD. Avoid eating processed foods (chips, cold cuts), bread, and pasta.
  2. HAVE A HEALTHY DIET. Probiotic foods feed the good bacteria in your digestive tract. A plant-based diet would be good. If not, make sure you have more nuts and seeds in your diet. Check out pistachios, bananas, garlic, onion, wheat, oats, quinoa, millet, and chia.
  3. NO UNNECESSARY ANTIBIOTICS. Taking antibiotics may have a negative effect on the bacteria and other microbes living in your intestines. Antibiotics may kill healthy bacteria. Before taking antibiotics, ask your doctor questions about then and do some research. Get a second opinion if possible and don’t self-medicate.
  4. AVOID FATTY FOOD. Instead of steaks and fried chicken, opt for taking in fewer fats from your food as these can lead to having too much fat stored in the liver. A fatty liver is a sign of an unhealthy digestive system and will affect your entire health. Keep your liver in check with Essentiale® Forte P. It that contains essential phospholipids that repair damaged liver cell membrane, regenerate lost phospholipids and restore normal functions of the liver, keeping your liver healthy for a happy digestive system.
  5. HAVE ENOUGH PROBIOTIC. Probiotics are micro-organisms that provide health benefits when consumed. Probiotics help with digestion and stimulate the immune system. They build intestinal flora for better digestive health for kids. It also stops diarrhea symptoms and addresses other intestinal issues.
  6. ALWAYS DRINK WATER. Hydration is the key to having a healthy digestive system. Constipation is often the result of dehydration in the colon. Drinking at least 8 16-oz glasses of water a day will ensure that your stool will be soft and easy to pass.
  7. TAKING A LAXATIVE HELPS. Frequent constipation is a sign that your digestive system is in poor health. If you haven’t moved your bowels in days, don’t just suffer. Dulcolax® stimulates bowel movement and softens hard dry stool to treat constipation and other bowel irregularities. Dulcolax®, the world’s No. 1 laxative, ensures you have a happy tummy.
  8. BE PHYSICALLY ACTIVE. Regular exercises like brisk walking or running will get things moving, so to speak. Allot at least 10 minutes a day to exercise. Make it 15 mins daily if you can.
  9. BE HAPPY AND DON’T STRESS TOO MUCH. Your work life is stressful enough; find time to chill and relax. Don’t bring work home. Find little pockets of relaxation throughout the day. For instance, when it gets to be too much, do some breathing exercises for a few minutes. Stress can affect the health of your digestive system.
  10. SLEEP ENOUGH. If eight hours of sleep is not doable, make sure you get six hours every night. Lack of sleep can cause gas and poor digestion.


It may be really difficult to do all these, considering the availability of cheap, healthy food. However, having a healthy digestive system is something worth investing for – coming not only from the food we eat but also from the acquired discipline we should constantly have. Building and maintaining a healthy and happy digestive system will result in a better quality of life.

Written by Journey Gesta

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