MR. & MRS. FULL REFUND! Newly-wed asks for a full refund of money after successful wedding

MR. & MRS. FULL REFUND! Newly-wed asks for a full refund of money after successful wedding

  • Newly-wed asks for a full refund of money despite the wedding success
  • Facebook netizen shared pictures of the “successful wedding”
  • Events coordinator appealed on how getting full money refund is unreasonable 

Weddings are really the most-awaited event of every couple. This is the time for family gatherings and celebrations. Of course, as much as possible, brides don’t want to get stressed on the preparations that’s why events coordinators are often hired. The couple plus the wedding coordinator both work together to achieve the perfect wedding.

However, not in the case of this newly-wed and wedding coordinator… who appears to have a problem when they don’t agree on what a “successful” wedding is…

READ: Newly-wed asks for a full refund of money from the wedding coordinator when they didn’t agree on what a “successful” wedding is.

On an episode on Tulfo in Action, the newly-wedded couple, Michele and Arnold, brought their complaint against the wedding coordinator, Ana Marie Atienza. Based on the bride, apparently, their wedding did not turn out well because of some mistakes that the wedding coordinator committed.

“Binaboy ang kasal namin,” said Michele when asked about what happened. According to her, not everything was done according to what they signed the contract.

For example, she said that the flower arrangements done for their car are like the ones used in a funeral.

Additionally, during the reception, the backdrop was not the one they agreed on and only paper plates were used instead of the ceramic ones during the food serving.

They also added that there was no crowd control during the event so there were many gate-crashers. These instances made them want to have a refund of the money they paid.

However, it looks like there is a different side of the story…

The Weddong Coordinator’s Side

When the wedding coordinator was contacted, it appears that the newly-wed is not asking for only a partial but full refund of the whole wedding budget.

According to Ana, the wedding turned out well, everyone enjoyed, and in fact, the wedding was 95% successful so getting a full refund is really not justifiable.

When asked to explain about the “wedding mishaps,” it turns out that the paper plates were used only for the “pica-pica” but not for the main course and the flower arrangements are not for funerals but are really the ones used in weddings.

For the ‘gatecrashers’ issue, apparently, the list of guests was given by the couple themselves and there was a list posted on the venue itself so it would be impossible to say that those are ‘gatecrashers’.

In fact, Ana shared that there were even people who came with invitations given by the couple but are not written on the guest list but still, they were able to accommodate them.

As for the backdrop, Ana offered to give back 5,000 pesos because they did not like the setup but still, the couple is asking for a full refund.

With this, even Tulfo himself was a little confused on why the couple is asking for a full refund when in fact, aside from the minor mistakes, the wedding event turned out nice so what the couple is demanding isn’t reasonable at all.

In the end, Tulfo just asked them to compromise since there was a wedding delivered and they are not totally at a loss. He said that he cannot help them if what they are asking is for a full refund because the services were already delivered and only minor inconveniences happened so it would be totally unfair on the side of the events coordinator.

The Viral Wedding Pictures

On a Facebook post, one netizen shared the pictures of the wedding itself and based on the photographs, the wedding appears to be really delivered well. See below:

Caption reads: “‘Mrs. Full Refund’ Si ateng gurl gusto ng full refund eh 95% successful and event nya. May konting lapses lang pero nag-enjoy ang mga bisita nya. Napaganda ng set-up ng kanyang reception pero gusto nya full refund. Wag magpakasal kung hindi kaya ng budget. Wag feeling totyal wala naman anda tapos pagtapos ng kasal eh tag-hirap na hahaha kaya gusto full refund, dapat sa kasalang bayan nalang atinggg. Akala nya uubra sya kay tulfo. kawawa tuloy si odet at carol.”

Watch the Tulfo in Action episode here:

Ultimately, the newlywed couple still appears to be indignant and tried to justify what happened to them but still, Tulfo just asked them to fix it themselves in a reasonable manner.

What do you think about this? Share your opinions! (Photos grabbed from the viral Facebook post and credits to the owner)

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