Top 5 Filipino-Millenial things to do to get iPhone X

  • Top 5 Filipino tips to get the iPhone X
  • Tips and Tricks in breaking your bank accounts and running away with debts

The world is once again going gaga over the newly launched iPhone X.  With its eyebrow raising features and also of its price one must think 5 times in order to get one or upgrade their current smart phones.

But what does iPhone X really entails? What are the details that consumers must know before swiping out their cards in order to get one?

Photo: Reuters

Here are the top 5 that must be remembered when buying an iPhone X in order to get one ASAP.

1. Make you sure you have enough Money in your bank account:

When buying a new gadget, it is safe to say that it is a reward for ourselves, for all the hard work that we put into our careers and businesses, we indeed deserved a treat.

On the flip side, iPhone X could be your most expensive treat ever as it is costing you bucks to get one, the price is? Well, it is $999.00 x the conversion of your currency, make sure you already paid your rent for the next few months or else, this could be the biggest ripped off/purchase that you have to suck in for the next  12-24 mos. of your “gadgetty” lifestyle.

2. Credit Card must be up to date:

Everyone may seem not to care when swiping here and there in order to get this highly anticipated iPhone innovation to date. With its eye catching specs and colorful presentation, buyers don’t butt an eye when we swipe our Credit cards in order to have one. However, make sure that you won’t run away with your credit card bills for the next 24 mos. Plus the per anum. increase in rebates if you missed a month or two in paying your debt.

Photo: TechCrunch

3. Organs for sale:

No, I am not talking about the one that creates a beautiful melody. It may seem funny, but people would go severe just to have one, selling organs such as kidneys in order for a new iPhone X to be theirs.

What is next your lung? And soul? Well it’s your body and life anyway. Have a blast.

4. Sugar Daddy to the rescue:

This may sound awful but there are going to be gals when time permitting would sell their bodies just to have the aforementioned. And sugar daddies are the easiest and the fastest to achieve this goal.

Why not? Oh daddy, would you like some wine?

5. Parents in shookt when paying the bills:

Yes, what is there to be obliviously scared when your sons and daughters just want this IN and Newly Colorized IPhone Innovation huh? Parents are the number one option when kids aren’t able to afford this massive haul of their lifetime. So parents, take some time in doing over time works and extra weekend “rakets” cause baby needs a new iPhone or else he or she be gone in a second. You choose?

With its latest innovation, iPhone X will surely be a must have this Yuletide season either for gifts or for yourself only. There’s no reason for you to be worried about, there’s going to be “A China Made” that would be going around banketas in just few months, believe me- we’ve seen it and the downfall?

The body is iPhone X but the operating system is Android.  Voila, two in one!  Happy hunting!

Written by Timmy Diagone

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