Karen Davila Has A Touching Message For Nephew Wil Dasovich

  • Karen Davila shares message to nephew Wil Dasovich online
  • Wil Dasovich remains hopeful amidst health problem.

After pioneering the YouTube market here in the Philippines, Wil Dasovich recently shocked the world again by announcing his health condition.

Cancer who?

Despite the saddening revelation, the former PBB Housemate remains hopeful. He just celebrated his 26th birthday last August 26 and fans all over the world greeted him. It was indeed overwhelming.

His world renowned journalist TitaKaren Davila, also shared a heartwarming dedication for him. The Bandila anchor expressed her admiration to her nephew for continuing the fight and never giving up.

“My dearest nephew @wil_dasovich I want to greet you a very meaningful birthday but more importantly, let you know how deeply I admire your openness & courage in overcoming the biggest challenge of your life,” Karen opened her touching message.

The celebrated YouTube content creator then replied to Karen with an equally tear-jerking comment.

It is remembered that Karen Davila appears on several Video blogs of Wil Dasovich.

Wil’s Current Cancer Status

In his recent YouTube vlog entitled ‘My Survival Rate Revealed (Judgement Day)’, he finally revealed the current status of his cancer.

It is colon cancer and it is now on stage 3.

“It’s developed,” he said. The cancer cells have already penetrated his lymph nodes.

Fortunately, it has not metastasized yet. “It’s not [yet] in my liver, brain, or lungs,” Wil added.

“Honestly, I’m cool with that ’cause I look at the statistics of stage 4 and it’s scary.”

Wil remains positive and sees a better chance of recovery after knowing that his cancer is not yet in the terminal stage. He also admitted that he is undergoing ‘almost depression’, but with the way his condition progresses positively, he can now sleep.

“Mentally, I believe personally the hardest part was over, was just not knowing anything,” this really got us.

The former member of Juan Direction knows that it is still a long battle, testing his physical and mental stability, but through hope and continuous support from the people around him, he will fight.

To watch the full video:

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Written by Denis Santos

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