Is Marlou Arizala Dead? The rise of Xander Ford

  • Is Marlou Arizala dead?
  • Marlou Arizala undergoes enhancement through surgery

Many were shocked when suddenly, a Facebook page rose claiming young performer Marlou Arizala is dead

The birth of Xander Ford

Out of nowhere, a Facebook page named Xander Ford claimed that the leader of Teen Trends has already passed away and that people should welcome him.

He even made an edited version of Marlou’s picture with a date of death.The confusion arises when it all started to get creepy. Fans and netizens started to speculate what was really happening.

Is Marlou really dead or is this just a PR stint for the rising young star?


The management that handles Marlou, Star Image Artist Management, finally puts the buzz into a halt. The 20-year-old TV personality is not yet dead, he’s just transitioning to Xander Ford.

A bold move that only select actors were able to pull off; Jake Zyrus to name one.

The transition includes a face enhancement through surgery sponsored by The ICON Clinic. The management posted a video with Marlou expressing how excited he is for the outcome.

Doctor-in-charge Eric-Vina Yapjuangco is ready to help Marlou regain his confidence.

Who’s excited about the result? We are! Share us your thoughts.

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