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5 Things We All Can Learn From Marlou Arizala aka Xander Ford

  • 5 things that every Filipino-Millenials can learn from Marlou Arizala aka Xander Ford
  • Confidence is how you see yourself inside.

With the massive growth of social media and with new apps and exciting things are going to be discovered in the coming days, one could just fathom how the 21st century have changed our way of expressing ourselves, indeed internet is indispensable.

And one of those people who are maximizing their stint in using social media is Marlou Arizala aka Zander Ford. This regardless of how cruel the world is, and no matter how he had been bullied or bashed- this guy really defy the odds and proving us all that “bashers and bullies exist” and we can’t do anything about it.

So in DailyPedia we come up with 5 things that we all can learn from Zander Ford.

1. Follow your dreams– in a sense of celebrities must be facially good looking, Zander Ford is quite the opposite.

I am not saying he doesn’t look good at all, but with the standard of showbiz in our country or the world, one could really see that he doesn’t or never fit the bill. He however never listens to all the bashers and bullies and he just do what makes him happy. In the end, it is his life.

2. Defy the odds– Yes, it may sound like a cliche to all of us. But social media is such a cruel place to make a noise or even to make your dreams come true.

With all the negative people lurking around. That’s too good to be type cast as Keyboard Nazi, these people never and wont hold back when throwing shade at people irrespective of their status in life.

3. Love yourself and continue to improve for the better– news have been circulating around the inter-webs about his transformation, one must wonder how this man get all his confidence? He even solidify it with going under the knife to look good in order for him to be more confident about how he looks and to also have a better vantage at life in general.

“If you have the money, why not? Enhancing yourself to boost your self-confidence is fine as long as you have the money to pay the doctors who would do it. Credible doctors please.

4. Use your voice to good measure– Yes, most people poke fun at his insurmountable confidence. He however, is so clever to use his popularity to good use.

Spreading happiness and also earning? I bet you too would dare to do the same thing. We may not know this, but he is also helping his family and providing their needs. Now that’s a good kind of fame.

5. Confidence is key– social media is tough, cruel and selfish. And this place is not for the weak of hearts, it would eat you alive if you allow them to. Marlou aka Zander has just something inside his heart and that guts to do all these things that NOT everyone could barely even do. Tough kid.

I believe in the saying: “when the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

So these five things may not be enough to count his tenacity and strong willed heart to pursue his dreams and to never ever listen to bashers as they are just a piece of “nothing” wanting to take a bite of your confidence to post or do something that mainly, they cannot do at all.

Internet is a wonderful way of expressing ourselves, with the pinch of self-confidence and a go getter personality, one could surely shut the odds off and succeed. In the end, bashers will say something, but what matters is “you know yourself better than anyone”.

Way to go Xander.

Follow your dreams and make someone happy today. Stay positive. I, thank you!

Written by Timmy Diagone

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