Netizens Are Going Crazy For What This New iPhone Airdrop + Camera Hack Can Do

Netizens Are Going Crazy For What This New iPhone Airdrop + Camera Hack Can Do

  • New iPhone hack discovered
  • Find out what this new iPhone feature does to your phone

Out of all the amazing special features our smart phones now have, someone has discovered an equally jaw-dropping hack for Apple iPhone users. Wanna try?


New feature unlockednew iPhone hack

A Facebook page named Typical Girls posted an eye-catching iPhone hack. It said that when you pull out the control center, hold the AirDrop and Camera access keys at the same time.

new iPhone hack

Being gullible as ever, netizens tried it without thinking twice. Truth be told, this ‘hack’ automatically freezes your iPhone for a few good scary seconds. After freezing, the phone will reboot and go back to its normal state. This hack might be intended to scare people out, and it did!

Here’s what this hack exactly does to our iPhones.

Netizens react

The post earned ire from the netizens and it has reached over 24,000 people and has more than 6,700 reactions. Some of the golden comments from our fellow iPhone users are here:

The scaredy-cat

new iPhone hack

and the risk-taker.

new iPhone hack

new iPhone hack

Hmm.. then there’s the Android.

new iPhone hack

Troublemakers unite!

new iPhone hack
new iPhone hack

So there, we have spilt the beans for you! Now, you can either spread the word or prank others some more!

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