A Nanny was Imprisoned for Theft; What the Policemen saw in Her Phone is Scary

  • Kathrina C. Reyes hired a nanny for her child.
  • The woman stole a phone from somebody else and got jailed for it.
  • When the policemen saw what the contents of the nanny’s phone are, everyone was shocked.

Apart from money, trust is one of the hardest things a person can earn as no one trusts easily unless there is something they can hold to as a proof that their trust won’t be broken in any way possible.

A lot of families here and abroad hire nannies to help them take care of their little ones especially when they cannot do their jobs while fulfilling their responsibilities as a parent. Some of them hire either directly or through a manpower agency, while the others hire a helper whom their friends or families had experience with.

A female netizen named Kathrina C. Reyes got her nanny through referral from someone she knew. The nanny was doing well until one incident changed her impression about the helper.

Reyes shared her experience online which had alarmed other families who already have or are intending to hire a nanny as well.

Read her story below:


Hanggang ngayon may trauma pa ako jusko… grabe yong nangyari. Nagtagaytay kami, iniwan ko bentley and yaya sa Davidplayhouse sa ayala mall. Kasi magpa mani-ped ako para makalaro bentley tapos pag uwi namin kinabukasan may mga pulis na sa bahay ko.”

Reyes went to Tagaytay with her child and his nanny for a short time, but when they returned the next day, policemen were already waiting for them to arrive.

Sabi nung babae may iphone 6 daw na ninakaw at nasa loob ng bahay ko. Sabi ko saan ba nawala yong phone mo sabi nya sa davidsplayhouse tapos tinanong ko yaya ko may napulot daw sya na phone! Natakot daw sya ibalik kaya tinago nalang daw nya. Yong may ari ng phone nagtetext at tinatawagan sya magbibigay ng pabuya na 20k balik lang phone pero hindi sya nagsasalita. Tapos naalala namin ni ben while pauwi from tagaytay may vibrate ng vibrate hindi nya sinasagot sabi nya anak nya lang. Plano nya nakawin Hay talaga kaya dinampot sya ng mga pulis from my house.”

Apparently, the nanny stole a phone back when they were at David’s Playhouse. The owner found a way to track the phone, and brought the police to get what was stolen from her.

It appears that the owner was trying to reach out to her phone which was in the nanny’s hands – which the helper purposefully ignored.

Tapos nabasa ng mga pulis yong phone nya plano nya pakidnap bentley, dinescribe nya na kulot maputi at sa park magkita. Tapos bago kami magtagaytay nagpaalam sya if pwede nya dalhin bentley sa park sabi ko wag mainit jan lang sa garahe maglaro. Lesson to, wag basta basta magtiwala kahit referral pa. Wala pang 1 week yang yaya na yan sakin! Buti nalang at nagnakaw at nahuli!”

What shocked Reyes is when the policemen read the messages in the nanny’s phone. The helper she just hired less than a week ago had plans to have Reyes’ child kidnapped.

This incident traumatized Reyes when it comes to entrusting her child to nannies even when they are referred by an acquaintance or not. Good thing the policemen were able to put her in jail before the woman had done other horrendous crimes.

On the other hand, here’s what the netizens said about her post:

Indeed, Reyes learned her lesson not to trust just anybody especially when the welfare of her child is concerned.

In connection with this, the public is advised to perform a thorough background check on a person if they are intending to hire a house helper to prevent any similar incidents from happening once again.

Are you thinking of hiring a nanny as well? What are your thoughts about this issue? Share your opinions with us!

Written by Reese Barcelon

Reese was an online novelist way back 2011. She began her voyage with a pen and paper in hand, which advanced into a laptop after some time. Living in a fictional world with the books she read and dramas she watched gave her solace and became her happy pill.

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