Girl Sent a Message to Her Boyfriend to Apologize; The Person Who Replied to Her is Unexpected!

  • A Facebook user named Sese Hyun shared a heartbreaking post on her Facebook account.
  • She said, she was apologizing to her boyfriend, asking him to give her another chance.
  • Sese was shocked after the guy’s new girlfriend replied to her instead of him.

A relationship is one of the hardest things to let go of.

It is indeed hard to let go of the memories that a couple had made during the time they spent together. Whenever a person feels like their relationship is falling apart, one or the other tries to save it by asking for another chance, saying that they will do better.

There are times when those relationships are not yet given up by a couple, and there are also instances when the exact opposite happens: the breakup.

One woman who had just gone through a breakup is Sese Hyun.

Like most couples, she tried to save what’s left from their relationship and asked the guy for another chance. However, she lost the tiniest bit of hope she had after his new girlfriend replied to her using the guy’s account.

Read her story below:

Sakit sobra eto na eto na ang last na tutulo ang luha ko ng dahil sayo hinding hindi na kita gugulohin titigilan na kita salamat sa lahat lahat salamat mga memories natin salamat talaga dahil nakilala kita dahil alam ko na ngayon ang totoong sakit ang narealize ko na dimo na deserve ang luha ko dahil may mahal kana ala ala nalang talaga lahat ngayon last na talaga to last na! hinding hindi na kita iiyakan magiging masaya nako para sayo.”

Along with her message to her ex-boyfriend, she also posted some of their pictures, including the efforts her ex-boyfriend had done for her in the past.

Masakit pero kailangan kitang palayain para sa ikasasaya mo titiisin ko yung sakit kahit mahirap ingat ka lagi ha mahal na mahal kita ang swerte ng babaeng mahal mo ngayon kase pinaglaban mo sya napaka swerte nya hindi ako nag sisi sa lahat ng effort ko sayo kase mahal kita pero ngayon kailangan ko ng matutong mabuhay ng wala kana kailangan ko ng matutulog ng dika iniisip kailangan ko ng matutong sumaya ng wala ka kailangan ko ng matutong wag kanang iyakin narealize ko na dimo talaga deserve ang luha ko.”

Basta tandaan mo mahal na mahal kita pero ngayon mag sstart nako ng panibagong buhay bagong buhay na wala kana salamat sa lahat sana maging masaya ka sa mundo ng iba mamimiss kita pero pag tapus ng araw nato at gabi bukas gigising nakong wala kana sa isip ko kakalimutan na kita kakalimutan ko na sorry sa mga panggugulong nagawa ko.”

Sana maging masaya ka Kasalanan ko kase to lahat nasa huli nga ang pag sisi  sorry sa lahat ng pag kukulang ko alam kong sobrang dame kong kasalanan sayo kung hindi kita iniwan dika hawak ng iba ngayon sorry mahal Iloveyou and godbye mahal na mahal kita.”

Sese is in the stage of moving on as of the moment, but everyone knows that it won’t be easy, considering the wonderful memories they made together.

Hi lalakeng to imissyou grabi hirap palang gumising ng wala ka imissyou so much miss ko nayung dating tayo bat ba kase ang tanga tanga ko eh bakit ba kase di ko muna pinag isipan mabuti ang mangyayare bago kita ibreak sorry sa lahat ha sorry sa lahat ng kasalanan ko im sorry kung naging selfish ako sorry kung sarili ko lang ang iniisip ko hindi ko na naisip yung nararamdaman mo sorry anlake ng kasalanan ko sayo.”

Sese regrets breaking up with her ex-boyfriend, but she is also accepting the fact that the guy she once loved is now in the arms of somebody else.

Sorry hindi ko alam pano ako makakabawi hindi ko akalaing ako din pala mag sisi sa pagiging selfish ko im sorry sana mapatawad moko.”

“Mahal na mahal kita kahit alam kong masaya kana sa iba para sa mga babaeng katulad ko ang natutunan ko sa relationship namin wag laging sarile ang isipin matutong isipin ang lnararamdaman ng isa. Im sorry mahal 


On the other hand, Sese admits that she is also at fault for losing what she had with her ex-boyfriend.

The netizens felt how sad Sese must be after seeing their sweet pictures together. It is indeed dismaying that a wonderful relationship like theirs was short lived.

However, Sese shouldn’t ponder too much on the breakup she had. If anything, she is still young, and will definitely meet a lot of men out there who are more than willing to give her chances and will not replace her in an instant.

Just like what other people say, a person needs to go through a number of heartbreaks before they finally found the one.

Written by Reese Barcelon

Reese was an online novelist way back 2011. She began her voyage with a pen and paper in hand, which advanced into a laptop after some time. Living in a fictional world with the books she read and dramas she watched gave her solace and became her happy pill.

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