MoneyGram donates books with Robin Padilla to support Youth’s Early Education

MoneyGram, known for its global provision of innovative money transfer services, stands with its belief in education. Through MoneyGram Foundation, they vowed to support early child education in the country.

During a recent event, held at the University of the Philippines Integrated School (UPIS), MoneyGram donated not just books, but also school supplies and materials for art, mathematics, literature, and science. This is to benefit hundreds of school children.

MoneyGram Donates Books With Robin Padilla
MoneyGram, together with Robin Padilla, is an advocate for better education system in PH

Supporting Education

MoneyGram Donates Books With Robin Padilla
MoneyGram with Robin Padilla donates books to local schools’ libraries

The company is well-known for supporting educational programs and activities worldwide that have resulted to better economic prospects. They also provided for healthier families and called for individual freedom and empowerment.

Looking back, MoneyGram has delivered school supplies to barrio schools in various indigenous people’s communities. They have built classrooms for school children in Central Visayas.

According to Alex Lim, MoneyGram’s country manager, “There is no doubt about the positive impact of early education in the life of a child. By making learning resources more accessible we are children to learn and gain skills they need to transform their lives and the reality of their families.”

“We hope that by providing educational materials, we will inspire children to keep learning, keep dreaming and to grasp the opportunities that occur every day,” Lim added.

For their latest charity event that caters creativity to their beneficiaries, they set up a mini Chinese Painting tutorial at the Chan Lim Art Studio in Pasig. They invited students from UPIS, guided with their library staff. The kids had a lot of fun unleashing their creative side.

MoneyGram Donates Books With Robin Padilla
UPIS students listening to the tutorial for their Chinese Painting creations
MoneyGram Donates Books With Robin Padilla
They were given time to paint their own art
MoneyGram Donates Books With Robin Padilla
Some of the students’ works! Aren’t they amazing?
MoneyGram Donates Books With Robin Padilla
Students showcased their art pieces

Robin Padilla, MoneyGram’s brand ambassador, attended the said event to show support to the youth. The program is also presented by MoneyGram’s marketing lead for APAC, Sabrina Chan, and their marketing manager, Joseph Consul.

MoneyGram Donates Books With Robin Padilla
Robin Padilla attended the event

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