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A lieutenant and a guerilla cross paths again after 16 years

Mike Logico was a lieutenant who commanded the 12th Special Forces Company. His adversary was the commander of Guerrilla Front 51, a battle toughened rebel.

He posted his story in a status dated December 7, 2015.

Photo Credit: Davaotoday
Photo Credit: Davaotoday

On March 2, 1998, a Sunday afternoon destiny affirmed that they should see each other. When they met at an encounter between rebel and the army, Mike, the lieutenant showed compassion and spared the rebels life.

Photo Credit: Mark Logico
Photo Credit: Mike Logico

The Regional Trial Court 17 dismissed the rebel’s double murder case and was freed on bail, the following year. He was awaiting trial for rebellion as a trade for the release of Capt. Montealto and Brig. Gen. Obillo who were detained by Parago on Feb. 17, 1999.

The rebel surrendered for good, a year after, to the President because according to him he was tired of hiding. On that same year the lieutenant, was honoured by the President. He received a crossed shaped piece of metal which was pinned with a ribbon on his chest.

Photo Credit: Mike Logico
Photo Credit: Mike Logico

Life went on for the two former enemies. The lieutenant got married, became a father and went back to school. Sixteen years later, Mike saw the rebel again, while directing the 66th Infantry Battalion. The rebel was being treated in a Davao hospital for his kidney ailment when he saw the lieutenant, who spared his life.

It was an emotional reunion, the rebel jumped to his feet when he saw Mike. They were just two old, opposing soldiers who played a game of mouse and cat before, but now were good friends.

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