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Fearless Teenage Mom Revealed Shocking History with Ex-Boyfriend who had a Romantic Relationship with His Own Relative

Every relationship is different. Although one may be compared to another, there are some points which state their difference. Some of it ends in a good way, but there are also relationships which end in a negative way.

Samantha Ramos’ post on Facebook became intriguing after reading the whole content. She decided to reveal the whole story as she owed it to her friends, and to clarify the rumors about her. Ramos made a shocking revelation which she had kept a secret for a long time.

The story began with a simple message from her ex-boyfriend last July 6, 2016. According to her, it has been almost six months since their last communication for the reason that her boyfriend cheated again last December 2015.

Way back 2014 when she had the first heartbreak from him, she shared that somethings happened between the guy and her teammate which he said was his friend and also like a sister to him. Ramos didn’t doubted him, but she learned that they had s*x more often, which led her to taking the initiative to break up with the guy. They didn’t communicate for months, but her ex-boyfriend began wooing her to the point that he would break down in front of her. She gave him a chance, but didn’t make their relationship official until almost a year even though they already act as a couple.

On December 4, 2015, Ramos was surprised by the guy for her birthday. There were a lot of gifts and post-its with sweet messages, their pictures and more. She was indeed happy, but made the guy cry first by pretending she didn’t like the effort. Since Christmas vacation was approaching back then, he told her that he’ll be busy since his relatives were coming and that they’ll be having a reunion.

It was fine with her, but she was surprised when the guy didn’t even reach out to her afterwards. Ramos learned that something happened between the guy and one of his relatives, which the guy explained as due to his drunkenness.

Soon enough, he got in a relationship with his relative and Ramos decided to move on with her life. She believed he was happy that’s why she respected them and kept my mouth shut. To help her cope up, she spent more time with her friends and family, and joined a variety of school activities. She had some suitors which she didn’t entertain as she was not yet ready to be in a relationship again. For her, being in a relationship is something that should be taken seriously.

But then, he sent her that message as if the guy was regretting what he had done. Again, the guy started bugging her once more. In fact, when they met again in person, he told her that he was loyal to his new girlfriend unlike how he was when they were still in a relationship. He apologized to her with the hope of being friends with her.

However, he returned to her again, crying and saying that it was different when he was with her. According to him, he only liked his present girlfriend because it was a peaceful kind of relationship and they don’t have misunderstandings often. He even added that he was happier with her because they are comfortable with each other. He and his present girlfriend didn’t click since they have a six years gap and she was more matured compared to him.

Back then, the guy would boast about how easy his girlfriend would buy things for him and that they travel often with the woman’s mom paying their hotel expenses, For that reason, his friends called his girlfriend a ‘sugar mommy’.

Ramos also recalled how stupid she was to agree to help his ex-boyfriend pick a gift for the woman. Why she asked why he chose to ask her, he said he was only giving back everything the woman did for him.

They didn’t get the chance to have a proper closure as she was too angered back then. Ramos told him that they shouldn’t try fixing their relationship given the fact that he was doing fine with his new girlfriend, but he begged her and asked for another chance, asking her to wait for him as he will fix everything. Ramos also added a shocking revelation that her ex-boyfriend said it was hard for him to get back his freedom for the reason that his girlfriend was his aunt, and that their family already accepted their relationship.

The young lady shared how she fought her battle alone. She confessed to her family all by herself and suffered without having anyone to turn to, and pondered how she believed that the father of her child would fight for her and change for the better. She fell for her ex-boyfriend who had turned her down once again.

According to her, “As a woman who’s just about to start her career in the real world, as a girl who has so many dreams and almost everyone she knows believed in her… thank you for trying your best to ruin my plans. I maybe a failure in the eyes of some but I’ll bounce back, I’ll fight and I know I’m brave enough to accept this life. I may have not planned this but it happened. Plan A maybe won’t work anymore, I still have Plan B-Z!!! So let’s go fighting.

Ramos revealed that she went through depression and conquered her fears. When she told her ex-boyfriend about her pregnancy, she heard the words that she didn’t expect to hear from him. “Hindi pa ako ready, paano ‘yung family ko? Kailangan natin gawaan ng paraan ‘to.”

Of course it was hard on her part as well. She was young, and almost on the verge of success. How can she possibly leave everything behind? Ramos was scared, not to mention that she was struggling alone. Also, she knew she cannot raise a child alone – which is why she decided to agree with what her boyfriend said. She took the medicines he gave her, ate the foods which aren’t allowed for expecting mothers and tried all sorts of things to get rid of the little life in her tummy.

She bled, a lot, everyday and every night. It made her think that her little angel was gone.

Ramos got confined for seven days, and became really weak. But despite of her current state, she still managed to get up and do her tasks in school. She would come to school looking pale and wasn’t able to focus, but she pushed herself because it was the time when finals were held. She did pass, but things continued to go down for her. There was also an instance where someone touched her private part when she fell asleep inside a van, but failed to get justice due to various reasons. Not to mention that a thief also fled with her allowance, gadgets and other personal belongings. To add it up, their house helper fooled them and more problems arise.


Ramos had undergone too much stress because of what she had gone through, but she never lose hope and held on to her faith. “Lahat dinadaan ko sa dasal and I know it’s really effective. Eto lang ang di nabibili at di natutumbasan na pwede mong ipanlaban sa lahat ng problema mo. I may have questioned God why he did this to me but I still understand why I have to go through things and challenges like this. Someday I’ll have back my Rainbow,” she added.

Months had passed and the month of November came. She was truly excited to finally walk to the stage and receive her diploma in her hands. Ramos was stoked as everything she was doing was for her parents – who didn’t know what happened to her over the last few months as they were far from her.

Her friends started to notice that her tummy was getting bigger, which she denied recalling that she took the medicines. When her friends repeatedly said what they were noticing, she finally made up her mind to take a pregnancy test and confirmed that she was expecting a baby. Her friend was the one who consulted her to see a doctor and have herself checked and called her ex-boyfriend as well to inform him about the situation. The guy who was a complete arsehole even said, “Basta kahit anong mangyari kelangan natin siya tanggalin dyan.”

Ramos was speechless, but she was more concerned of her baby’s welfare rather than what her ex-boyfriend said. A miracle happened when her doctor said that her child was healthy and was doing fine. Also, the body parts of the baby were complete and gave a wild guess that it was a baby girl. She said, ”Lumaban yung Baby ko!!!!!!! Kahit andami ko ng masamang napagdaanan hindi siya bumitaw. Sana patawarin moko baby sa nagawa ko sayo. Ibig sabihin binigay talaga siya ng Diyos sakin.

After that, she had a conversation with her child’s father. Again, he was convincing her to let go of the child as he cannot bear to say goodbye to his freedom. He even added his girlfriend as an alibi, saying that he was scared of his other relatives. Ramos stood for her child and said that he can refuse to fulfill his responsibilities with them as she wasn’t forcing him to do so. However, she made it a point to let him know that her decision is final. She was keeping her child as she doesn’t want a life to go to waste.

Soon enough the guy apologized and sworn to make it up to them, saying that he will never ever leave her and the baby. He would break-up with his girlfriend and that he would tell the truth. His and Ramos’ mothers had finally talked about everything and made sure that the guy’s decision is firm. Every day she would ask him if he really loved her and that he chooses her.

She was happy for a bit.

Ramos’ friends finally knew about her condition as she couldn’t hide her tummy anymore.

Her baby was turning five months in this picture.

Hi Baby!!! Kapit ka lang ha! Sama ka sakin sa isa sa pinakamagandang ganap na mangyayari na sa buhay ko — ang magmamarcha.”

Finally, she graduated and thought she was being cheered on by her baby.

Even before she got pregnant, she had already planned out that she would spend her vacation with her grandparents in Davao and Bukidnon. After her graduation, she flew with her family and decided to spend her birthday in the place as well. But when they had arrived, her parents decided to let her give birth in the province so she would be taken care of. In this place, she grew healthier and was also stress-free as she was far from the people’s prying eyes and negative comments.

January 2017 – The father of her child visited them and to talk to her grandparents as well. Ramos saw his sincerity at that moment, since he said he will truly make it up to her. She thought that he was finally keeping his word and that he loves them. He spent five days with them, which she was thankful for as they cannot demand more time due to the guy’s studies.

I could never forget this message…

He went back to Manila, and Ramos noticed that the guy was acting weird again. Good thing the people who are close to her shared what the guy’s really been doing while she was away. According to them, he went to Cebu after he visited her. The guy told Ramos that he was sick which is why he couldn’t give her updates about his life. She would always stay up late to wait for his messages, but she was only left worried about the guy’s condition. The truth was, he visited his girlfriend to ‘break-up’ with her and that he admitted everything, but his texts said, “Ginawa ko naman lahat to fix our relationship pero wala talaga,” “Could I still be the daddy of our baby?”

That’s when Ramos finally decided to stop reaching out to for him. She said, “Tama na. Hayaan ko na siya, hindi na talaga siguro siya magbabago. Bahala na siya.” Ramos by then refused entertaining suitors as she doesn’t want to get hurt again.


A few months had passed again, she’s finally free of worrying.

She took a picture of her tummy in 38 weeks. Ramos was truly excited to see her baby.

Ramos shared another picture of her baby girl. According to her, the baby’s father slightly cursed after realizing that she was due by April 3rd, which is the exact same date of his relationship with his aunt.

Finally, Ramos gave birth to her gorgeous little angel which came out to the world at exactly 8:18pm, weighing 2.7lbs.

Along with the last picture, she added some messages to those significant persons in her life. “Dear God, please guide me as I walk through this life. Help me not to act only by my own wisdom, but to seek your will in every situation. 

Some would definitely say, “Sayang naman siya…” Hmm, No. Doesn’t mean that I became a mother at this age ay sayang na, my Dreams doesn’t stop here. And it would never end here. Instead, It has given me more motivation to stay focused and have one goal in life and that is to become successful with my Baby. She has become my biggest motivation.

Whatever decision I hold in my heart and in my head people would always have something to say. But I would rather accept the fact that I am going to be a Mom than to pull her out of my womb just to look good and to still look like dalaga. I STAND UP PROUD!  Negative opinions wouldn’t matter anymore, this is my life and I am going to live it the way I wanted it to be. I am not perfect and nobody is, I am happy with who I am, with what I have and I can’t wait to plan my future with my Baby.  So let’s keep on moving forward. I am happy and I feel really blessed. I hope you are too.

No regrets at all for having her in my life.  I had regrets for making it this far WITH THE SAME GUY (for almost 4yrs) who left us anyway. Mapapa “sana iba nalang, bakit sakanya pa, bakit sa taong ilang beses ng pinatunayan sakin na hindi nmn ako worth it” kasi okay lang sana kung hiniling ko na “Sana bumalik ka” kaso hindi, ikaw yung kumusa. Nanahimik ako, nirespeto kita, nirespeto ko “kayo” pero pinilit mong bumalik sa mundo ko kahit alam mong wala na, tapos na, tapos na lahat satin. Nakita mo diba na masaya nako? Masayang masaya nako. Bakit kelangan mong sirain yung buhay ko? Ngayong ganito, nasan kana? Diba nawala ka, natakot ka. Naduwag ka. Nagiging tunay na lalake ka lang kapag may hinihingi ka. Ngayon nagpapakasaya kana, Congrats! Wala kang responsibilidad na haharapin. Saya ng buhay mo ano. Kahit sino sino lang, kahit saan saan, kahit ano ano. Pero ayun nga, sana masaya ka sa naging desisyon mo. And lubusin mo na kabataan days mo, kasi diba yolo.

So it’s also the reason why I’ve decided to post this, I can’t afford to explain it one by one eh sooner or later I’m going to post about my baby, so para wala ng madaming hanash pinag-isa ko napo dito. ’cause I’m sure there’d be questions like, “Sino nakabuntis sakanya?” “Pano, pano sila naging okay ulit?” “Bkt yun pdn?” Etc etc etc. Uulitin ko, para lang rin nmn po ito sa mga taong curious sa ganap ng life ko. Yes it’s private and I should keep everything in private. Well I did, antagal ko nga tinago eh. Guess it’s time to uncover the truth behind my fake smiles. Now it isn’t fake na, I am happy that I was able to let it all out. And that I had the courage to be a proud mom of Serafina.

Sorry. Sorry sa mga taong hindi ko pinakinggan. Alam ko madami ng rason para magising at di na muling magbigay ng chance. Sorry kung masyado kong sinagad yung katangahan ko. Sadyang mas sinunod ko lang yung puso ko kesa sa sinasabi niyo at ng utak ko. Mali rin pala talaga yung “PUSO LANG” Ha ha ha. Dahil sa huli wala ka ng ibang pwedeng gawin kundi “PAKATATAG KA NALANG” pinili mo eh. Pfft. Sa walang sawang nagpayo sakin, nag cheer up, maraming salamat and sana di ganun kalaki yung galit niyo hehe.

I wanted to say sorry to my family esp to my Mama Jing and Daddy Bong because of everything that I’ve done. But I would also love to thank you because you accepted her/us without having second thoughts with all your big hearts! I’m out of words to describe how thankful I am that I have you both in my Life!  Special mention Kuya B and Kuya D! Thank you for all the Baby stuffs. Thank you for keeping me motivated all the time. Thank you also for thinking and worrying about my future and our future ni Baby.  And sa kanyang mga Ate, Kuya, Tita, Tito, Ninang, Ninong, Momshies, Lola, Lolo!!! Thank you so much. You know how thankful I am!  You were there at my best and at my worse, thank you for never giving up on me and now on us.  And also, thanks to K’s Mom. Mama Gemma, Thank you!

Heyyy, Thank you. Thank you for making me feel that I’m hard to love, Thank you for choosing other people over me. Most importantly, THANK YOU FOR GIVING UP ON ME WHEN I NEEDED YOU TO BE THERE. Thank you for letting me down when I thought you would lift me up. 

To my Baby, I’m gonna give you all my love. God gave you to me with a purpose and it’s because you will be my lifetime happiness. My forever indeed.

So basically, our journey begins now… The biggest blessing and the highlight of my 2017!!! Welcome, baby! Having you here now by my side is the best decision I have ever made to fight for in my entire life (yet!!! Because I know there are more to come…) I can’t wait to have a mother-daughter goals with you baby ko. I promise to work hard and provide you everything you need, I’ll be the best mother/father you would ever have! Always remember, this Queen doesn’t need a King. I love you.”
Ramos’ experience shows how love can destroy a person, even though it is the exact same thing which can also complete someone. Despite of all the chances she gave her ex-boyfriend, it was still an insufficient reason for her child’s father to be man enough to take responsibility of his actions, most especially his words.

Instead of giving up, she bravely stood and walked on for herself and for her child as well. For this reason, she had become an inspiration by proving that anyone can overcome every challenge in life through determination and willingness to succeed.

Written by Reese Barcelon

Reese was an online novelist way back 2011. She began her voyage with a pen and paper in hand, which advanced into a laptop after some time. Living in a fictional world with the books she read and dramas she watched gave her solace and became her happy pill.

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