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The Diamond Patch In Your Backpack Is Not There For Nothing

We commonly see it on backpacks, thinking about the actual purpose of it. Yes, it was cool during the 90’s, and if you’re a Jansport kid. But today, I don’t think so. Questions rose when one too many brands released models with this questionable patch.

Diamond Patch In Your Backpack
Have you ever wondered what the diamond patches in our backpacks are for? | Photo from Today

For Aesthetic or For A Purpose

You know what they say, everything has its purpose and this, too, has one. Mary Claire is ready to put a period on everyone’s question mark.

Turns out that this little patch exists for nothing. It is actually called “lash tab” or “pig snout”.

Diamond Patch In Your Backpack
The diamond patch we see on our backpacks is actually called “lash tab” | Photo from Speakeasy Magazine

Its original purpose is to carry even more stuff that couldn’t fit inside your bag. Just simply hang your things through cords, tie them on the lash tab, and poof! An extra storage.

Diamond Patch In Your Backpack
Now, this is how you use it

Written by Denis Santos

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