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Unleash the Daredevil in You and Jump in the Breathtaking Death Pool in Agno, Pangasinan

In the present time, the Philippines has a number of 7,641 islands in total. However, there are a lot of bodies of water which are yet to be discovered which might probably increase the country’s wonders in the future.

To feature one of the best spots in the country, here’s the awe-inspiring body of water in Agno, Pangasinan. The pictures of the magnificent paradise were posted in Facebook by a page – Philippines Now.

This stunning place is labeled as the Cabongaoan Beach’s Death(also known as Depth) Pool by the locals, because of the fear that will crept up if a person’s intending to jump while the tides fill the pool in. Some said it was located in Burgos, but those who had already visited the place said it was situated in Sitio Masangret Barangay Baruan, in Agno, Pangasinan.

Photo credits: @williemarlone
Photo credits: @kerwinnestie

It has crystal-clear water, iconic white sand and splendid rock formations around the pool itself. Also, there are no other resorts beside it, and the nearby places to stay in are all made from light materials such as bamboo.

Photo credits: aizabmrdz

Cabongaoan beach also offers a beautiful landscape and grotto as well.

Photo credits: Pat Pat Vince-cruz Pasamic
Photo credits: Ann Perez

Overall, this place is a great summer destination if the nature’s beauty and cleanliness will be taken into consideration.

If the environment will constantly be maintained, it will surely be known as one of Philippines’ best places in the future.

Written by Reese Barcelon

Reese was an online novelist way back 2011. She began her voyage with a pen and paper in hand, which advanced into a laptop after some time. Living in a fictional world with the books she read and dramas she watched gave her solace and became her happy pill.

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