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Real-life Zombie?! This Man Attacks People And Tries To Eat Them

A Facebook post by Xavier Hunter went viral when an unknown man shows characteristics of a Zombie. In his post, he included a video and photo of a man talking gibberish and somewhat possessed.

Real-life zombie attacks people
Alleged real-life zombie attacks people in Brazil and tries to eat them | Photo from Xavier Hunter

This happened in a hospital between the borders of Brasil and Paraguay. The man allegedly attacked people in the hospital, and tried to eat them.

No further reports and investigations have been made to what could possibly the first zombie on Earth.

Here’s the viral post of Xavier Hunter, now with 6,200 likes and 48,856 shares.

Netizens React

While most people got scared by this post, many found this funny and disregarded the fact that this is true.

Here are some of the funny comments of the netizens

Real-life zombie attacks people

Real-life zombie attacks people Real-life zombie attacks people

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