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CONFIRMED! Marlon Stockinger Is The Father of Model Kit Barraquias’ Twins

These rumors about Marlon Stockinger having kids circulated for some time now. His Miss Universe girlfriend, Pia Wurtzbach, even had something to say about this issue.

Breaking her silence

Model Kit Barraquias stepped up and confirmed that the Fil-Swiss Starracer is the father of her twins.

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Marlon Stockinger is a Father
Kit Barraquias was working as a model when she got pregnant

When asked if Stockinger has already seen her girls, she says, “I’m going to be straightforward and, yes, he is the dad. We had twins. He’s the biological dad. I don’t want to say he’s the dad… just the biological dad. And that’s it. We haven’t had any communication. He hasn’t seen the girls ever.”

It was an almost yearlong relationship for the two. Barraquias gave birth to her twins in September 2009, she was 27 and Marlon was 18.

Marlon Stockinger is a Father
Kit posing for UNO Men’s magazine

She also denied that Marlon’s family paid her to keep her from speaking up.

“I have no bad blood with them. It’s just like two strangers meeting outside. That’s it,” she added.

She also tackled about child support.

“I don’t want to be the one to ruin his racing career. I was working then, I can handle myself. It’s not like… I don’t take anything against him,” she shared. “Support? I think the mom came to the house maybe a couple of times, and I don’t want to say the amount that she gave because it’s kind of embarrassing, and milk. And then, there’s no really monthly,” she continued.

And when asked if she asked for help, she just said, ““Why would I ask? I’m working. I worked abroad for five years. I came back here and still working.”

While waiting for the side of Marlon to speak up, Kit addressed that this will be the last time she would speak regarding this issue. This decision is to protect her children and for her own safety. She just wanted to clarify the awful rumors about them.

The Spark Plug

Marlon Stockinger is a Father
Laila Chikadora, a News5 reporter. Jonas Gaffud, a talent management executive.

Marlon Stockinger is a Father


This issue started when the News5 reporter, Laila Chikadora, popped out the question to Pia at an event if she knows the alleged children of her boyfriend.

During the viewing party of Asia’s Next Top Model Season 5, which Pia guest judged, at The Palace Pool Club, Laila came to the event, and Jonas Gaffud was not happy about it. Gaffud is the President of Mercator Model Management, Inc., the one who manages the career of beauty queens and top models in the country.

According to Laila’s statement, she was forced to leave the event and if not, Gaffud and Pia’s team will be the one to walk out. Laila said that she was threatened by Gaffud also.

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