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Expert Explains The Bee Outbreak in Ortigas

A Facebook video from Gabz Laurel went viral on Tuesday. An outrage of insects alarmed the residents in Ortigas, Pasig.

It was later found out that these are bees. The viral video brought fear to many, because, according to netizens, it may mean something from God. From the post of Laurel, the attack happened at around 3 o’clock in the afternoon. It lasted for an hour, just the bees circling around the area.

insect outbreak alarms residents
Bee Swarm in Ortigas | Photo from a post of Christine Ainah Ison

Outbreak Explained

When everyone is saying that it could be a sign for a catastrophe, a specialist said otherwise. According to a bee expert, this could just be a part of their pre-productive season.

The occurrence is yet to be explained further, but Dra. Cleofas Cervencia has something to say,

“Kasi this season, may tinatawag tayong pre-productive swarm. Dumaan lang ‘yan diyan, hahanap sila ng permanent na matitirhan.”

[Due to our current weather and season, we have this pre-productive swarm. They are just looking for a permanent shelter.]

The full of report of GMA News TV about this outbreak:

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