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LOOK: What’s wrong with this poster?

MANILA, Philippines – In the Philippines, many politicians put up the so-called “epal” posters so they can use government projects like infrastructures, medical missions, feeding programs and other activities to grab credit by putting their names and pictures on the said material.

While it’s not unusual for Filipinos to encounter “epal” poster, a certain poster in Quezon City caught the attention of netizens for a strange reason.

Can you spot what’s wrong with this poster?


Apparently, the phrase “Edukasyon Susi ng Kahirapan” which means “Education Key to Poverty” seemed to have ruined the entire message.

Several netizens were to quick to give comments on the said poster:

“Im sure ang ibig nila sabihin siguro jan dapat “Edukasyon ang Susi para Maiwasan ang Kahirapan” or English nalang sana “Education is the Key to Escaping Poverty,” a certain Noelann Permne wrote.

Charles Candelario commented: “Lol bad phrase.. “Susi sa kahirapan” is there anyone around who wants a key towards poverty?”

“Mag bubulakbol na lng ako! Ayaw ko maghirap hahhaha,” Gregg Fuentes wrote.

In 2013, the Commission on Audit (COA) banned the use of “epal posters” for both infrastructure and non-infrastructure projects. Under the new policy, violators may face criminal charges or administrative liability.

The COA circular read: “The display and/or affixture of the picture, image, motto, logo, color motif, initials or other symbol or graphic representation associated with the top leadership of the project proponent or implementing agency/unit/office, on signboards is considered unnecessary.”

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