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Cinemalaya ad spoofing fantaserye plots earns ire of film industry writers

In a Cinemalaya spoof ad, Edu Manzano returns to the big screen in a new fantaserye movie where he rescues a damsel in distress from hordes of netherworld creatures. But before he can win the battle, the leader of his enemies (played by Jun Sabayton) suddenly tells him to stop.

But unlike the usual rants given in movies about pride and honor, this speech was about something else: movie plots.

According to the horned troll character, he was tired of recycled, pointless plots such as doing the same fight for 50 sequels because, at the end of the movie, it is always the hero who wins. The hero always arrives on the scene with his glowing sword, ready to defend his lady love (who gets younger and younger each year while the hero is now a senior citizen) from hordes of enemies. It does not matter how strong and how many these enemies are, the lone hero always wins.

So, instead of continuing the movie following the same old plot, the bad guy declares that there will changes in the story. Instead of the usual troll-like creatures from the netherworld, there are some recycled characters from other shows— like main characters from shows that flopped, some weird characters that don’t really belong to the usual fantaserye set-up, and even the make-up artist gets her moment on camera.

While the ad elicited a few laughs from social media users, it earned the ire of some people in the film industry.

Photo credit: Fashion Pulis
Photo credit: Fashion Pulis

Writer Richard “Dode” Cruz commented on Facebook, “Really? Bashing other forms of entertainment to promote a festival? May leveling? May hierarchy?” to which Encantadia director Mark Reyes commented, “I kinda felt bad with this.”

Cruz replied, “D ba? At running pa yung bina-bash nila! Kainis lang!

Watch the ad here and tell us what you think.


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