Duterte tells media that he is enjoying his last days of ‘rudeness’

During a May 25 (Wednesday) midnight press conference, incoming President Rodrigo Duterte told the media that he will be prim and proper once he assumes office on June 30, 2016.

Last Day of Rudeness

“I am trying to enjoy the last days of my rudeness,” incoming President Duterte said as he faced the media in the midnight press conference.

The incoming executive also appealed to the media to learn how to decipher which among his statements are serious and what are not, what are mere “wisecracks.” Duterte then told Manila-based media to know him more and know when to take him seriously.

I enjoy my banter with the Davao media. The problem with journalists from Manila is they do not know me that much,” Duterte said comparing the two.

Duterte even joked that he is bipolar, being humorous at one point and suddenly becoming serious in the next. He then shared a “tip” on how can they separate policy statements from jokes.

“If it’s out of the blue or a preposterous statement, do not believe it. Who would deliver a five-minute inaugural speech? That’s crazy! Filipinos will kill me,” Duterte said.

Duterte was referring to his statement on May 24 (Tuesday) stating that his inaugural speech will not last more than five minutes.

Huwag niyo na patulan yan,” he said.

(“Do not mind that,” he said.)

Duterte said that he would just follow protocol on his inaugural speech on June 30.

“I have to read it. That will now be the policy of this nation,” Duterte said.

Duterte also elaborated that he grew up in a neighborhood where cursing was normal so it became part of his nature or identity.

“Why would you criticize my cursing? If I don’t do that, I’m already dead. My language is like that because that is my universal identity given by God,” he added.

Duterte then assured Filipinos that this will change as soon as he assumes office this June 30.

Di na ako pwedeng magloko-loko diyan pag andyan na ako (as a president). Di na talaga. I swear to God,” he emphasized.

(“I can no longer be foolish when I’m president, really. I swear to god,” he emphasized.)

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