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Presumptive President Duterte considering a nationwide liquor ban

Presumptive President of the Philippines and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has been outspoken about a number of municipal ordinances he implemented in Davao which he plans on adopting for the rest of the country once he assumes the presidency. One of the things Duterte has been adamant about is the implementation of a nationwide liquor ban.

Liquor Ban

The Presumptive President’s official spokesperson Peter Laviña told reporters that Duterte is considering a liquor ban to curb criminality and other threats to public safety.

“This can be adopted nationwide via consultation. The reason he has this liquor ban (in Davao City) is because we have to work the next day, all the (restaurant) staff have to work, as well as the customers. This has nothing to do with denying us of our freedoms,” Laviña said. Laviña also added that high-end hotels are exempted from the said liquor ban.

In a 2015 episode of Duterte’s show “Gikan sa Masa, Para sa Masa” (a show which airs every Sunday), the then Davao City mayor elaborated about the liquor ban proposal.

“Number one: no smoking… Since we have maintained that policy, we might as well continue.

“There’s always a time for drinking. There is always time to sleep, a time to be hospitalized because of drinking. A time to die because of cancer. A time to get drunk and not until the wee hours of the morning. There has to be compromise there. All entertainment houses must be closed by 3 in the morning.

Bakit ko ginagawa ito? Para sa kapakanan ng mga Pilipino. It is to protect public health… If you have to protect the public, you must brutal about it.”

(“Why do I do this? This is for the sake of the Filipinos. It is to protect public health… If you have to protect the public, you must brutal about it.”)

The then Davao City Mayor imposed the liquor ban after “seeing” the correlation between drunkenness, crime, and road accidents.

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