Man abuses female passenger inside PUV

MANILA, Philippines. With over 250,000 shares on Facebook, the video of a man being abusive to a female passenger inside a public utility vehicle (PUV) has taken social media by storm.

Netizen Soy Gonzales, who witnessed the incident, was able to capture several scenes from the altercation and posted it on her Facebook account. Gonzales posted a three-part video series of the incident.


According to Gonzales, the man identified by netizens as John Michael Arellano Musni started verbally abusing the female passenger after the latter apparently refused to move as he and his wife boarded the FX traveling to Novaliches. The female passenger, whom Gonzales identified as Joan Balen, allegedly insisted on staying in her seat since she was to alight the vehicle soon.

Their clash inside the vehicle was caught on the first video posted by Gonzales.

Arellano was heard in the video angrily saying: “Ay ayaw nya tlga umusog o… Papahirapan mo pa tlga kmi e…”

(Oh she doesn’t want to move… You’re making it difficult for us.)

In the second video, Arellano (who had already alighted the vehicle) can be heard shouting and cursing Balen. Gonzales claimed that Arellano punched Balen on the shoulder before getting off the FX.

The third video shows Balen, who appeared to be traumatized by the whole incident, crying. Gonzales could be heard telling Balen that she was going to share the videos of the incident on social media.

In a report aired on TV Patrol, the police were able to find where Musni lived in North Olympus subdivison with the help of netizens. They were able to confirm that Musni was renting a unit there but was not home at the time. Alarmed by the Musni’s behavior, the homeowners association said they would ask the landlord to evict Musni from the premises.

Joan, a nurse, admitted that she was so traumatized by the incident that she is afraid of going back to work for fear of running into Musni again. Joan is also determined to file a case of physical injury, unjust vexation, and oral defamation against Musni.


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