Engaged couple astonished to find out they were primary school classmates

Lucy Wilson and Lewis Ball met at a pub and hit it off. The now engaged couple, according to Mirror, had been together for four years, only to realize that they had actually “known” each other far longer than that.

“We started chatting in a pub but didn’t remember each other from school,” Lucy, 26, recalled how they met in 2012. “The next day he messaged me to go on a date on Facebook and it all took off from there.”

It was not until they saw an old picture that they realized they both attended Stanion Primary School and were in the same class. They were only two kids apart in the photo but were never aware of each other’s presence.

The primary class photo where Lucy and Lewis were both in.
Photo: Mirror

Lewis, 25, soon used this unexpected turn of events in a book he prepared as part of his romantic proposal which transpired outside the primary school, the place where it all began.

This is what Lewis’s book has to say:

“In this school are a boy and girl who from the very beginning were destined to be together.

“Little did the two kids in this photo know that one day they would fall head over heels for each other.

“When they were young they were never an item. In fact they barely knew the other existed.

“After primary school the two drifted away from each other’s lives. It would be many years and a few mistakes before their lives would cross paths again.

“They lived in the same town and would visit the same places. Their families occasionally saw each other but something was not allowing the two to see each other again.

“But don’t worry too much just remember this story has a happy ending – because the two will finally meet one day and it will be worth the wait.”

The happy couple Lucy and Lewis Photo: SWNS
The happy couple Lucy and Lewis
Photo: Mirror

So, do you believe in fate? Who knows? Maybe years from now, you’ll bump into an old neighbor, a childhood friend, or someone you met at a grocery store and realize he or she is the one meant for you.

Written by Jas Cruzada

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