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Top 10 practical things to do with an O-Plus Ultra 2.0

Nowadays, one of the most important tools to help, enhance, and even advance your personal and working activities is a smartphone. With how busy and hectic life can be, it’s like your life is not complete anymore without your smartphone near you.


A smartphone has become a device that you can rely on especially when you are always on the go. We use it to connect to our family and friends and take photos of those special moments or of your favorite food or the new places you visit.

Most of us these days use it for our daily tasks. For this, we tried out the O-Plus Ultra 2.0 model which is very user-friendly and has the qualities of a smartphone that suits any lifestyle. I now am in love with my O-Plus Ultra 2.0 Model and would like to share my top 10 Practical things to do with an O-Plus smartphone.

1. Video Playback is so much faster on this O-Plus smartphone. I love watching those cooking and funny videos on Facebook so it can get frustrating if it takes a while before the video gets uploaded.

I tried comparing my new O-Plus and the smartphone I am replacing by doing a little experiment. I accessed the same video on my Facebook page using the two smartphones and guess what? With my old smartphone, it took around five to 10 seconds before the video was uploaded, but with O-Plus the video immediately played, with no buffering time. Awesome right 

By the way, with O-Plus the videos are clear enough that you can see every detail of the video you are watching.

2. If you’re like me, I use my smartphone as a “laptop,” especially when I’m outside and needed to finish some articles and update my blog. So having this O-Plus smartphone makes it a perfect tool as it has the same capabilities needed to finish the job. I’m always up to date, monitoring my emails and personal messages while surfing the net. With its processor speed, you can check and download important items you need in no time at all.

Down Front

3. Instant Document/Wireless Printing. There are items in my smartphone that needed to be printed out but doing so can be a hassle since I have to download the file onto my laptop at home before it can be printed out. I was so surprised to discover that Wireless printing is possible with an O-Plus smartphone. With its built-in apps, it is capable of automatically finding an available bluetooth printer nearby.

4. Fast Internet/Wi-fi Connection

Up Front

I’m a heavy user of the Internet (well nowadays, who’s not?) and I’m practically online more than 15 hours a day. Even when I’m at home, I use my smartphone to read the latest news about the government and showbiz, to check the latest posts of friends on facebook, and to chat with relatives abroad.

Having internet access has already become a necessity in everyday life. I did another experiment again with my smartphone vs. the new O-Plus. I sat in a spot in the house where I know my smartphone doesn’t get a signal, and voila! O-Plus got connected to the wi-fi immediately, and did the other functions as well, like load videos, refresh my Facebook pages, and access websites with no sweat at all.

5. Power Plus, Long Battery life

Power Plus

What I like about this phone is its power saving app that you can easily access. Once activated, it will help you reduce your battery consumption. The app guides you which particular mode or settings should be reduced or turned off to extend the battery life of your phone. This also helps in maintaining your battery.

Generally, the higher the mAH, the longer the battery will last. The O-Plus Ultra 2.0 smartphone has 4,000 mAH battery capacity which get you through many tasks before it runs out of juice.

Battery life is one of my considerations when purchasing a smartphone and with the O-Plus you can keep on going and going and going.

6. Music Pod

I’m someone who loves to hear their favorite songs during workouts and while staying at the office or at home . O-Plus’s superb sound got me loving this smartphone whose built-in superb, crisp, and clear sound system is perfect for any music lover.

7. Playing games on an LED display with high-resolution graphics, fast response time. and long battery life, this phone will be well loved by techie game lovers. You may check out this smartphone if your inner gamer is itching to play.

8. Great for Selfies, Great Pictures All the Time

Back Camera

I hardly use my digital camera now for photo ops since the O-Plus smartphone takes better, clearer, sharper photos that you can share on social media sites immediately. No need to download onto my laptop for urgent tasks.

As an added bonus, the front-facing camera on your device can also double as a mirror for those times when you need to check your appearance before an impromptu selfie or groupie pics. By setting the screen brightness to high, you can illuminate your face for those times when you need a mirror in a dark environment. Use the zoom feature to focus on specific areas to ensure you’re looking your best. Best of all, this feature is built in and you won’t need to install an app to get this functionality.

Another feature I love is that there is no “clicking” sound when you take photos, very useful when attending events, formal affairs when you would like to minimize attracting attention due to unnecessary sounds.

9. Clean Master

Junk or unnecessary files that use the memoryof your phone can make the system slow down or worse, cause it to ‘hang.” With the Clean Master app, you can remove unnecessary files and free up memory.

This app can check and detect the file storage and memory usage and instantly display the information regarding size of the files to be removed.

10. Notes, To-Do, Calendar Apps

As a blogger, you need a pen and paper at all times, to take note of things you would like to write later, to scribble down ideas that just pop into your mind, or to note the articles you would like to read later. The Notes app is very handy for these tasks and is so user-friendly.

The To-Do Tasks app has enough space to fit in all your to-do’s for a certain date, with title, details, and even set the date for the task calendar. You can plot your schedule by the hour for any given day, with ample space to write the details of your daily tasks or appointments.

The O-Plus Ultra 2.0 smartphone is ideal for anyone. It has everything you need to stay connected and it lets you be productive while having fun.

Written by Team DailyPedia is created to carry on the very purpose of writing and reading online--- and that is to be connected to the world.

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