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Traffic enforcer allegedly kicks decapitated head of road accident victim

A video showing a traffic enforcer kicking a decapitated head as though he was playing football has been making the rounds online since January 29.

The victim was reportedly a motorcycle rider who got into an accident involving two trucks (an Isuzu truck with plate number TAG 165 and a bigger truck with plate number PYS 461). The rider was reportedly dragged by the trucks along Lee Street near Shaw Boulevard in Mandaluyong.

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Photos shared by Eddie Morra, Paolo Apagalang, Archie Simtoco and Patricia Marie Banan

While the driver of the smaller truck said the accident was due to his brake failure, bystanders said that the two trucks were seen racing against each other prior to the accident.

Netizens lambasted the enforcer due to his inhumane gesture, suggesting the latter could have gently moved the head off the highway instead of kicking it.

Watch the grisly video below:

Sources: Trending News Portal and Top Gear Philippines

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