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Was Pacquiao’s campaign car parked outside a suspected mistress’s house?

Lorraine Marie Badoy, doctor and daughter of a former Sandiganbayan Associate Justice, seemingly accused Cong. Manny Pacquiao of being at the height of hypocrisy when she posted a photo the morning of February 23, showing what looks like Pacquiao’s campaign car parked outside the house of his rumored mistress.

As posted by Ms. Lorraine Marie Badoy on her Facebook page.
As posted by Lorraine Marie Badoy on her Facebook page.

Badoy claimed that it is common knowledge in the area that Pacquiao’s mistress lives there, but she would’ve left his private life alone “until he opened his big mouth and made his filthy, noxious, ignorant, unenlightened, hateful views known… But throw it out there in the public arena and you’re on, buster. You’ve invited us to scrutinize your life and hold it up to the light.”

She further explained her views on why she thought Pacquiao was being a hypocrite. “Manny Pacquiao has such impeccably high standards when it comes to marriage,” Badoy said. “Manny worships at the altar of marriage. Thinks marriage vows are inviolate. And yet not even a week after letting loose his obscene, ignorant, hateful pronouncements… here is Manny making a mockery of the very same vows he claims to hold in such high standards.”

Perhaps surprisingly, the post has currently generated more criticism for the poster, Ms. Badoy, rather than for the subject of the post, Pacquiao.

Ang tawag jan chismosa! (You are a rumormonger)” accused Facebook user Jhem Mesano.

Some even accused Badoy of jumping to conclusions and making up false stories. “Nakita lang ang sasakyan may mistress na kaagad (You just saw a parked vehicle and you already think he has a mistress there),” said Rubic Cagas. “TAMANG HINALA. DAGDAG KWENTO (Suspicions added to stories.)”

But when she was accused of fabricating rumors in exchange for pay, Badoy was quick to defend herself. “…hindi pera ang pakay ko sa pagsulat neto kundi bigyan pansin ang nakaririmarim na lagay ng bansa natin dahil sa pagluklok sa pwesto ng mga hindi qualified –kahit konti!–para maging senador (Money is not the motive behind my writing this, but it is to bring attention to the horrible state our country is in because of our electing unqualified people into office).”

“I think the story goes around the allegation that the woman who lives in that house is Manny Pacquiao’s alleged mistress,” added netizen Butch Baliao. “He doesn’t have to be in the picture nor actually using or driving that particular car or in that house at that very moment (‘mistress’ nga eh so he must be there only during periodic visits). What we can conclude here tho is there is something in the photo that will connect to Manny. So the question: Who is living in that house??”

Baliao further defended Ms. Badoy. “Unanguna, anak ng marangal na si Justice Badoy ang sumulat nito. Isa syang doktora at asawa ng isang opisyal ng AFP. Sa palagay nyo ba basta na lang sya babanat nang walang sapat na basehan at pagsusuri? (First of all, the one who posted this is the daughter of the honorable Justice Badoy. She is a doctor and the wife or an AFP official. Do you think she would just write something like this if it was without basis and without analyzing things first?)

“Pangalawa, porke ba nagbigay si Manny ng karangalan sa bansa Puede na nyang gawin ang gusto Nya? Diba mas mas masahol yung namimintas sya pero gumagawa naman ng kasalanan? Diba mas nakakahiya yun? (Second, just because he brought honor to the country, does that grant Manny the right to do whatever he wants? Isn’t it worse that he criticizes people, but he himself is also doing something sinful? Isn’t that even more embarrassing?)”

Christian Adriano stated that “ako i wont vote him not even qualified please lang this time gamitin natin ang utak natin para naman maging maayos na ang bansa natin mas kailangan natin yung may alam sa batas at economy. hindi mga artista at bulaang propeta. (Me, I won’t vote for him. [He’s] not even qualified. Please, let us think carefully this time to help fix our country. We need people who understand the law and the economy, not actors and false prophets.”

On the other hand, Dan Manaig posted his own theory about the situation. “…reverse psychology guys,” he said, “thats why (if this is so true) he uses a car with his face so that his visit would be a friendly visit because of course why use a car with his face to go to his mistress? Id rather use my car with my face on to visit my mistress so my wife would think otherwise.”

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