LOOK: Goats mysteriously killed in Lemery, Batangas

Several residents of Lemery, Batangas were left puzzled after six goats died in mysterious circumstances.

Mateth Atienza Rayon posted several photos of the lifeless goats on her Facebook account on Wednesday, February 17. According to Rayon, the mysterious incident took place on Tuesday, February 16, along the highway in Barangay Niogan in Lemery, Batangas.

Rayon said that the dead goats were found with bite marks on their necks.

Netizens were quick to tag the incident to an “aswang” or the shapeshifting monster in Philippine folklore. A popular mythical creature which possesses a combination of traits of a witch, a vampire, a ghoul as well as a werebeast, “aswang” is known for its other regional names including “wak-wak,” “tik-tik,” “sok-sok,” and “kling-kling.”

However, a certain netizen also pointed out the possibility that a drug addict could be responsible for the bizarre killings of the goats.

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