Gab Valenciano’s take on Manny Pacquiao’s anti-LGBT controversy earns praises from netizens

MANILA, Philippines. Known for speaking his mind, Gabriel ”Gab” Valenciano, son of performer Gary Valenciano and veteran talent manager Angeli Panganiban, has decided to speak up about Sarangani Rep. Manny Pacquiao’s anti-LGBT comment.

In a lengthy Facebook post made on Wednesday, February 17, the 27-year-old US-based artist and dancer urged netizens to forgive Pacquiao, who earlier apologized for comparing homosexuals to animals.

“Sometimes legends make huge, earth-shattering mistakes (MJ, Kobe), but I strongly believe he shouldn’t be dismantled after everything he’s done for so many people. Years of sacrificing his body for the greater good of Filipinos all around the world should not equate to his downfall by a single mistake. The man apologized. Let us try to forgive him,” he wrote.

Towards the end of his post, Valenciano, a self-proclaimed Christian, admitted that he is not for same-sex unions or marriages since it opposes his faith. However, Valenciano also explained that he respects it as a part of the world.

“I will say this now with pride (without prejudice), I am not for same-sex relationships/marriage as it directly opposes my entire faith-based ecosystem. But I have found it in my heart to respect it as a part of planet earth. Go ahead and call me a hypocrite. Call me a Christian who compromises. Doesn’t matter. My walk is my walk. And I choose love,” Valenciano said.

Amidst all the negative reactions on Pacquiao’s anti-LGBT remark, Valenciano’s inspiring and positive message certainly stood out. The post has earned over 12,000 positive reactions and more than 3,000 shares as of press time.

See his full statement below:

PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Gabriel Valenciano

PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Gabriel Valenciano
PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Gabriel Valenciano

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