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VIDEO: Seaman proposes to girlfriend in the middle of Hinugyaw Festival in Koronadal

Men nowadays spend time, money, and effort to stage grand marriage proposals. Rather than just having a traditional and modest wedding proposal, men take months of planning so that their future wives get the perfect once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Jason Darocca, a seaman, knew exactly how to pop the question to his girlfriend Rea Rizza H. Penolvo, a nurse based in Saudi Arabia. Instead of carrying out a traditional marriage proposal, Darocca sought the help of dozens of people in order to pull off his one-of-a-kind wedding proposal in the midst of Hinugyaw Festival in Koronadal City.

“May, we’ve been together for years now and I am extremely grateful ever since I first laid eyes on you. It’s the moment I knew I loved you and my love for you grows more each year. You are a beautiful and caring person and have always been there for me 100% through the bad times. My family adores you and I can’t imagine my life without you,” Darocca said.

In front of thousands of people, Darocca bravely asked Penolvo the question: “I think I need to take this a step further. I am going to ask you a very important question. Can you make me the happiest man in the world tonight? Rea Rizza Penolvo, will you marry me?”

Did Penolvo give her much awaited “yes” to Darocca? Watch the heartwarming video and find out.

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