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5 Common Problems First Jobbers Need to Face

While you’re considered lucky for landing your first job, having to deal with all the issues that job entails is a different story.

Let’s face it: your first job isn’t always a walk in the park.

Transitioning from a relatively easy lifestyle in college to finally launching your career may seem exciting but it poses tons of challenges. We’ve all been there. From having to deal with terror bosses, being forced to perform in the annual Christmas party, and realizing that life was way easier when you had allowance. Here are five of the most common first job problems.

1. It is far from what you had imagined

dream job

So you thought you finally landed your dream job? While some “blessed” people may claim that they’re finally living their dream thanks to their first job, majority of first jobbers are not afraid to admit that their job is actually far from what they had expected. If you’re spending most of your time in the office photocopying instead of doing a copywriting job, you’re certainly not alone.

2. Pay is lower than your expected salary

low salary

This isn’t something unusual especially if you’re living in the Philippines. Most first jobbers take less than exciting offers for various reasons such as following their passion, having the chance to work with the best in the industry, or perhaps taking on whatever is offered due to lack of other opportunities.

3. You have no control of your time anymore


One of the common complaints of first jobbers is the hectic and toxic schedule their job entails. Being forced to wake up at 5 in the morning to leave home for work at 6 am, and finally escape the office at 9 in the evening will take a toll on your health as well as social life and love life. In some cases, first jobbers are even required to work on weekends, robbing them of the highly needed time for themselves.

4. Dealing with a terror boss and nosy officemates


You thought it was just an urban legend until you finally showed up for your first day of work. Having to deal with different kinds of people from various walks of life  (a.k.a. dealing with toxic people) is one of the unwritten requirements of your job.

5. Being forced to perform at the annual Christmas party


The situation would have been okay if you possessed Maja Salvador’s dance moves, Sarah G.’s singing prowess or at least the confidence and stage presence of Anne Curtis. While this wasn’t included in the contract you signed, there’s no way for you to turn down your chance to stardom.

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