10 high-calorie Pinoy dishes to avoid if you’re on a diet

Filipinos definitely love to eat. They eat to bond, to feel better, and to celebrate almost every occasion. But unfortunately, the number of Filipinos who are obese is increasing every year. According to the National Nutrition Council, three out of ten Filipinos are now obese. That’s 31.1% of the adult population in 2013. Once a problem of those who are in the upper social classes, it has been found that even those who are in the lower economic classes are also becoming obese.

Obesity is the condition where a person is grossly overweight or is about 30 pounds overweight.

The problem is most Filipino dishes are high in calories, making it hard to lose weight. Which dishes are the ones that can pack on the pounds? The Dailypedia lists ten high-calorie Pinoy meals that you should take in moderation.

10. Pancit Canton

This delectable Filipino stir-fried noodle dish originated from China. Pancit canton is usually served during special occasions and birthdays as it signifies long life.  It can also be served as a snack together with bread.

Calories per 100 gram serving: 459

Photo Credit: Cookingpanda
Photo Credit: Cookingpanda

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