These three simple tips to improve self-confidence will help you succeed in life

What is confidence? Confidence, according to TED-Ed, is believing that you are valuable, worthwhile, and capable. It is the optimism that comes when you are certain of your abilities to face a challenge head-on.

The more confident a person is in himself and in what he can do, the greater the chances that he is successful at work, in relationships, and even health, says Upworthy. Science actually supports this at some point.

There are scientifically proven suggestions that can help us become more confident. Here are three tips that you can do to up your confidence.

1. Strike a “power pose.”

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Have you ever wondered why superheros (who are oozing with confidence to save the world) strike a pose when they introduce themselves? This is because a confident pose, according to studies, can trick your brain and lead to momentary increase in confidence and stress reduction.

In a 2012 TEDGlobal talk, Amy Cuddy, a social psychologist from the Harvard Business School, said, “Our non-verbals govern how we think and feel about ourselves. Our bodies change our minds.”

Written by Jas Cruzada

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