Netizen praises honest GrabCar driver for returning bag to owner

When Engr. Gilbert Lindayag got into the GrabCar vehicle he had booked to take him to work on the morning of November 12, he thought it was just a typical start of yet another work day. Little did he know that he was about to be a witness to a random act of kindness from the elderly driver.

Laptop bag left at the passenger seat of Alberto Ganara's car. (Photo courtesy of Engr. Gilbert Lindayag.)
Laptop bag left in the passenger seat of Alberto Ganara’s car. (Photo courtesy of Engr. Gilbert Lindayag.)

“Happened to chance upon a very kind, elderly GrabCar driver this morning. When I entered the car, I noticed a laptop bag in the passenger seat,” Lindayag narrates on his Facebook page.

That was when the driver, identified by Lindayag as Alberto Ganara, asked him if they could first return the laptop bag the previous passenger had left behind in Ganara’s car b11efore they proceeded to Lindayag’s destination.

Sir, pasensya na po kayo, ok lang po ba saglitan natin yung pasahero ko kanina? Naiwan po kasi yung bag nya. (Pardon me, sir. But would it be okay if we pass by my previous passenger’s first? She left her bag here, you see.) Ganara asked.

Photos courtesy of Engr. Gilbert Lindayag.
Photos courtesy of Engr. Gilbert Lindayag.

Pleasantly surprised at the driver’s thoughtfulness and honesty, Lindayag agreed, even if it meant he might be late for work. When they returned the laptop bag to the grateful owner, the kind-hearted driver did not ask for anything in return. Instead, as Lindayag puts it, “The look on manong’s face was priceless, good karma definitely comes to good people.”

Written by Bambi Eloriaga-Amago

Bambi is a freelance writer/editor who is a big fan of Marvel, Star Wars, and all things geeky. Aside from her geek obsessions, she's also an aspiring cat lady with three cats in her household. She's also a devoted mom and wife.

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