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Top 10 health facts about bananas

Are you bananas about bananas? Here a few fun facts about this popular fruit.

The banana is classified as a berry produced by several kinds of large herbaceous flowering plants under the genus, Musa.  Musa Acuminata is its scientific name.

What are the benefits of eating bananas? FoodNSport has listed ten health benefits of eating bananas.


Photo Credit: MedicalNewsToday
Photo Credit: MedicalNewsToday

1. Bananas are good ENERGY BOOSTERS. It provides energy that we need in our daily activities.

2. It PROTECTS us from cardiovascular diseases like hypertension. This is because it contains potassium that helps maintain blood pressure. It also helps in balancing the water inside our bodies which prevents illnesses such as strokes and muscles cramps.

3. Bananas HELP remove waste from our bodies. It maintains regular bowel movement.

Photo Credit: Zena
Photo Credit: Zena

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