WATCH: Tanod experiences alleged paranormal activity in barangay hall

Netizen Mart Jimenez uploaded a video which showed a tanod alone in the barangay hall of Barangay 547 in Sampaloc, Manila.

In the video, a chair appeared to have moved twice on its own.

The CCTV footage was taken before midnight on October 19. According to reports, the barangay hall is used frequently as a venue for wakes. Could a wayward spirit be moving the chair? chair In the screen grabs shown here, it seems apparent that the chair had moved. In the video, the tanod can be heard expressing his surprise to see the chair move towards him. Many netizens, however, were skeptical of the authenticity of the video. Some said this may simply be a ploy to get attention. Some string could have been tied around the legs of the chair and used to move it, something that would not be visible on CCTV because of the low resolution.

Netizen Ryan Jay Gelasque Gimena commented, “lol (sic) tingnan nyo mabuti ung kaliwang paa nya may tali. [LOL. Look carefully at his foot, it has a string attached to the chair.]” Many also commented that the earthquake that happened on the evening of October 19 may have moved the chair. Many refuted this theory, though, because reports showed that the earthquake occurred around 9:50 pm and not when the CCTV footage was taken. Netizen Julius D. Custodio posted the details of the earthquake on his own Facebook page with a screen shot of the video. Many also noted that if the earthquake had indeed moved the chair, the other things in the room would have moved as well. So the question now is, if the earthquake or the string didn’t move the chair, what did?

Written by KM Viray

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