VIRAL: Rude mother and daughter get owned at McDonald’s

A Facebook post titled “Eksena ng mga Pasusyal sa McDo” has taken the social networking site by storm.

Getting almost 25,000 likes and more than 35,000 shares as of this writing, the viral Facebook post made by Bryan Gobrin Belo has definitely caught the attention of Filipino netizens.

In the funny story which Belo reposted, a mother and a daughter reportedly embarrassed a crew member of McDonald’s restaurant in Angeles City in Pampanga. According to the post, the two expressed their disappointment after the crew member failed to understand their American accent.

The duo even called the manager’s attention to address the “issue.”

“Why did you hire people who can’t even understand our English?” the mother apparently asked the manager.

“I would suggest make two lanes for the cashier, one for those educated and speaks English, and one for normal people. ITS TAKE SO LONG (sic) to get your orders eh,” the not-so-fluent English-speaking mom added.

But to their dismay, the manager decided to do the right thing by defending the humiliated crew member. Instead of giving in to their unreasonable request, the manager apologized for not meeting their standards and simply asked them to walk away if they don’t want to speak with their cashier.

The manager even revealed that the crew member they made fun of is a third year psychology student.

Perhaps embarrassed by the turn of events, the mother demanded for a refund for the food they ordered.

The manager then immediately instructed the cashier to return the money, but ordered the tandem to return their order.

While the two were making their way out of the fast food restaurant a certain female customer dubbed as “Balibago girl” came into the scene.

“Kung mayaman kayo at gusto niyong makipag-Englishan sa waiter, mag MCDO LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA KAYO!”

(If you are rich and you want to converse in English with the waiter, better go to McDo Los Angeles, California.)

The daughter, who wanted to have the last laugh, replied: “Pokpoka (sic) ka naman!”

(You’re a whore!)

But the witty customer knew how make a remarkable comeback.

She said, “I am proud. Nag enjoy tatay mo sa akin.”

( I’m proud. Your father enjoyed me.)

Check out the hilarious story below.

PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/ Bryan Belo
PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/ Bryan Belo

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