STUDY: Baggy underwear and sleeping naked lead to healthier sperm cells

Men should wear baggy undergarments in the morning and sleep naked at night if they want to up their chances of becoming a father.

A study conducted by Stanford University in California and the US National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) revealed that out of the 501 participating men who are trying to become fathers, those who wore loose boxer shorts and underpants had 25% lower levels of damaging their sperm’s DNA.

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Researchers suspect that the heat caused by tight-fitting underwear damage the sperm. According to Metro, it was concluded in the study that the underwear that men wear in the morning and during bedtime is correlated to sperm quality.

‘Reducing exposure for bed decreases DNA fragmentation; better semen quality parameters are observed in men wearing boxers during the day and none to bed,” says Katherine Sapra of the NICHD.

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So for men who want to become dads, you better start ditching those sexy briefs and start getting comfy with baggy boxers during the day and ditch the underwear at night.

Written by Jas Cruzada

A single mom who loves to read poetry, manga, and anything interesting. Loves writing, listening to music, watching feel-good movies, and pigging out. A self-confessed Naruto addict, ex-OFW, and loving mother to a smart little boy.

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