WATCH: Wife bites off mistress’s finger

Some shocking footage showing the horrifying moment a woman bit off the finger of her husband’s mistress has emerged online.

According to reports, the wife allegedly discovered her husband fooling around with one of her relatives, prompting her to confront her husband’s mistress in the streets. After a chance encounter at Quatieri Spagnoli in Naples in Italy, the unnamed wife decided to take matters into her own hands by violently attacking her husband’s other woman.

Several witnesses attempted to break up the fight, but one woman ran after the other on the street and pushed her against some scaffolding. The wife then did the unthinkable.

Reportedly, the wife bit off the mistress’s finger.

The violent fight was eventually put to a halt after concerned onlookers sought the help of police. The injured mistress was rushed by paramedics to the hospital where doctors tried to stitch her finger back on. As of this writing, it is still undetermined whether her operation was successful.

Watch the disturbing video below.

Written by mmalabanan

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