AC Trans bus conductor angers passengers with rude behavior

Netizen Lei Layne posted a photo of an AC Trans bus (with plate number UVD 698) conductor who was rude to many of his passengers. Layne has been riding buses for many years and has had her own share of experiences with rude bus drivers, conductors, and even passengers, but this one seems to take the cake.

During a single ride, this bus conductor was rude to several passengers. 

Photo credit: Lei Layne
Photo credit: Lei Layne

His first “victim” was a woman who had to literally shout in order to stop the bus so she could get off. She had already missed her stop because the bus was too full of passengers. The woman asked the conductor, “Boss, pwedeng bumaba? [Can I get off already?]”

The rude conductor replied, “Bumili ka ng sasakyan mo! para dka sumasakay ng bus! [Buy your own car so you won’t have to ride the bus!]”

After a few moments, the conductor shouted at an older woman who was standing in the aisle.

Babaeng nakapula! Bumaba ka na lang kesa nakaharang ka jan! [To the woman in red, why don’t you just get off the bus instead of blocking the way?]” said the conductor.

The woman tried to ignore the conductor at first, but he was very persistent. The woman finally answered back, “Bakit mo ko pababain nakasakay na ko! intindihin nyo ang pasahero, hindi puro kita nyo na lang iniisip nyo [Why will you make me get off when I’m already here? Try to understand your passengers instead of only thinking about your income.]”

The rude conductor merely replied, “Ganon talaga pag makulit ang pasahero! [This is what happens when we have irritating passengers.]”

The heated exchanged continued between the two. The woman even brought up how they could be stopped by traffic enforcers for overloading since the bus kept picking up more passengers, despite the fact there was barely any space already. The conductor just kept telling the woman to get off the bus.

As for Layne herself, the conductor was rude to her when he was asking for her fare. Layne couldn’t take out her money immediately because the bus was so full and she was standing in the aisle. She even told the condutor, “Teka lang kuya, hindi ako makakuha ng pamasahe [Please give me a moment, I can’t take my money out.]”

After his encounter with the older woman, the conductor tapped Layne on the shoulder and said, “Pamasahe! Kanina pa eh! [Give me your fare now!]”

Because she was already irritated with how she heard the driver talking to woman earlier, Layne furiously said, “Bastos ka ah! umayos ka ng ugali mo! Edukado mga pasahero mo! maniningil ka lang ganyan ka pa! Wala kang modo pati matanda pinapatulan mo! [You’re so rude! You better fix your attitude! You have educated passengers. You can ask for our fare in a nicer way. You have no manners, you even shout at older people!]”

This time, it was Layne’s turn to have a heated exchange with the conductor. He even went as far as accusing her of not planning to pay and that she did not have any money. He even said he did not need her business. Layne finally produced her 21-peso fare just to shut him up.

The conductor continued shouting at other passengers, like berating those standing in the aisle who were leaning on the seats. He shouted at them to face the windows and just lean on each others’ backs.

Layne thought he had a lot of nerve shouting at passengers who were blocking the aisle when he himself was also the cause for not having any room since he was rather large around the midsection.

They even heard the driver berating the conductor to act more respectfully towards passengers. Unfortunately, up until the woman in red was able to sit down, she and the conductor continued to fight. 

Layne hoped that the proper authorities could be called in to deal with the conductor’s offensive behavior. She admitted that she could have let this exchange pass, but seeing as how she did not want other passengers to have the same experience, she decided to share her story on Facebook in the hopes of it finding the right people who can help.

Written by KM Viray

Government employee from 8 to 5. Writer in between hours. Mom all day everyday.

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