Is the ‘Nae Nae’ dance part of a demonic ritual?

According to satirical news site Manila Link,”The [Nae Nae] dance heavily resembles a 500 year old demonic ritual that was practiced to spawn Satan himself,” says the Bishop of Rome and the Sovereign of the Vatican City. This was a post made by netizen MaRk Anthony Wilks to “warn” fellow netizens. Reports in this regard, of course, are fake.

According to the article, some reports say the church is asking its members to not participate in the dance craze Nae Nae.

“This ‘Nae Nae’ dance you speak of, it’s a form of Devil worship,” Pope Francis supposedly said. “It is what the Greek cultists used to do in their attempt to summon Satan and intercept the resurrection of the Holy Father’s Son.”

Some have actually tried to analyze the dance since the fake news broke out. Some observed taht the lyrics of the song is full of negative phrases like, “Kill it”, “Break your legs,” and more. For music fanatics, this may simply just be a play on words to match the song’s beat. However, observations were made about the dance steps: the hand waves, in particular. The hand movement is attributed to a “snake” symbolism, which happens to be the pet of Satan.

Photo credit: MaRk Anthony Wilks
Photo credit: MaRk Anthony Wilks

However, looking back at how the Nae Nae dance was created is quite a different story, according to the teen quintet We Are Toonz from Atlanta, USA. The group said the Nae Nae is based loosely on Martin Lawrence’s Sheneneh Jenkins character from the ’90s sitcom Martin according to Billboard. Group member Cal Lamar says of the dance, “It’s really just based on a ratchet girl in the club dancing kind of funny and the best girl to describe it is Sheneneh from Martin.”

Martin Lawrence's portrayal of the stereotypically urban “Sheneneh Jenkins”. Photo from
Martin Lawrence’s portrayal of the stereotypically urbanSheneneh Jenkins. Photo from

Naturally, the satirical news was met with mixed reactions from netizens. Many said that such dances and rituals were inspirations for many popular dance moves nowadays. On the other hand, some said only fools would go as far as linking a simple dance craze to a demonic ritual.

A particularly good response to the post, however, was made by netizen Denzil Drizzle Pepping who said, “It’s dependant (sic) on how you do it and whats (sic) your intention. If you are a devil worshiper (sic) and do the dance intentionally to worship, its (sic) wrong. But if you do the dance out of joy, pure fulfilment (sic) and the goodness of your heart then dance your life away.”

Demonic or not, the dance craze has certainly taken the nation by storm. Netizens are warned, though, to not take such news, especially fake and satirical ones, seriously.

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