Rappler Report: Sen. Ralph Recto Did Not Complete His Two Postgraduate Studies

An investigative report by Rappler revealed that Senator Ralph Recto has no Master’s degree as indicated in his bio-data on the Senate website.

When asked to comment on Rappler’s findings, Recto apologized for the errors claiming he did not verify his bio-data. According to Recto, he was still a congressman (1992-2001) the last time he checked his bio-data. Recto asked his staff to make the necessary corrections.

Based on Recto’s claim, it was his first time to check his bio-data after serving as a Senator for 11 years.

“I plead guilty and I take full responsibility. There was no intention to misrepresent. I’m sorry,” Recto told Rappler.

In Recto’s bio-data on the Senate website, it was indicated that he attained a Master’s degree in Strategic Business Economics from the University of Asia and the Pacific in 1994 and a Master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of the Philippines Diliman in 1991.

After conducting a fact-check on Recto’s educational background, Rappler discovered that the Senator did not finish both his postgraduate studies.


According to UP Diliman’s registrar, Recto, who was working towards the degree of Masters in Public Administration, earned a total of 36 academic units. He was enrolled “from the First Semester 1990-1991 until the First Semester 1991-1992.”

On the other hand, Recto earned a Certificate in Business Economics or CBE from the University of Asia and the Pacific after finishing an 11-month course. UA&P corporate communications office head Chichi Fajardo Robles revealed that Recto wanted to proceed “MA in business economics [also part of the SBEP] by writing a thesis.” Unfortunately, Recto was not able to complete the requirement.

Moreover, Rappler’s findings showed that Recto received a degree in BS Commerce from the College of St Benilde in 1989. In his bio-data, it was indicated that Recto received a Bachelor of Science in Commerce degree from De la Salle University in 1987.

Unless someone files a complaint, the Senate ethics committee will not investigate ethical violations such as making false claims.

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