Piolo Pascual opens up about giving love a second chance

“Yeah. I’m sorry I’m not perfect but I love you just the same,” Piolo Pascual told The Dailypedia when he was asked if he would choose to give love a second chance.

During The Breakup Playlist‘s blog conference held at ABS-CBN Compound last June 30, Piolo admitted that he believes in giving love a second chance and the same rule, he said,  is relatable to his character in the movie.

“I guess for me yeah, especially for my character. ‘Yung realization niya dito should be applicable in real life kasi hindi naman tayo perpekto. You know, we do push struggles. Those struggles make us better people and would make us (better people) better GF, better BF. ”

The Kapamilya actor talked about the importance of trials to make relationship stronger, “If you love the person enough, then you learn to humble yourself and be in love again kasi parang mas tumitibay yung relationship ninyo kung may mga pinagdadaanan kayong ganyan, ‘di ba.”

The film’s writer Antoinette Jadaone, when she was asked the same question, agreed with the 38-year old actor that second chances are meant to be given to the person whom you know will make you happy, ” kung alam mong siya talaga magpapasaya sayo, kahit hanggang 77 chance pa.”

[“If you know that he’s the person who will make you happy, you can give even up to 77 chances.”)

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The film’s director Dan Villegas said if he knows that he loves the person so much, then he’ll give it a try again.

The Breakup Playlist is a love story between a law student named Trixie David (played by Sarah Geronimo) and an aspiring musician named Gino Avila (played by Piolo). As both work hard to establish their band, rivalry will test their love for each another.

The film is written by Antoinette Jadaone, directed by Dan Villegas and produced by Star Cinema and Viva Films.

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