Netizens React to Placard-bearing Protesters at SONA

Congratulatory messages poured in to praise President Benigno Aquino III’s final SONA (State of the Nation Address), such as this one from High School Science Teacher Emelinda Deseo:

“Congratulations on your SONA, PNoy… I admired him more for what he had accomplished for our country. Not just that but because of his good attitude of being humble… During the SONA I almost cried when he showed the picture showing his late parents… Same when he thanked his househelp…”

PNoy SONA 2015
Photo from Facebook

A group of lawmakers from the Makabayan party list group, on the other hand, were quick to show their displeasure. Members of the said bloc started booing and flashing placards even before the Senate President and the House Speaker could declare adjournment.

Via ANC 24/7's Facebook Page
Via ANC 24/7’s Facebook Page

Bristling over the brazen act, netizens were just as quick to voice out their displeasure on the Facebook page of ANC 24/7. Quite a number of people called out the lawmakers on the lack of decorum, such as FB user Alfredo Bobadilla, who said, “Shame on those lawmakers who doesn’t show descency [sic] and respect in front of the President and the Philippine Flag.”

A user who calls himself Unico Hijo agrees, “This only shows how uneducated this Makabayan party list representatives. Nakakahiya. Nakausot pa naman kayo ng damit Filipino.” (Their actions were shameful. To think they were even wearing traditional Filipino formal wear.)

Laureen Sibunga adds, “Decently clothed but ill mannered individuals!! A disgrace!!! Their main goal is to always find faults for every administration. MAGAGALING BA KYO?!!! WALA KYONG SATISFACTION!! SAYANG TAX NA BINABAYAD NAMIN AT S INYO LNG NAPUPUNTA.” (You think yourselves great?! You are not satisfied with anything. Unfortunately, the taxes we pay just go to your pockets.)

Written by Bambi Eloriaga-Amago

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  1. Nakaka dismaya kayo! Wala kayong respeto! Nung si Gloria na harapan ang pangugurakot ginanyan nyo ba. Wala kayong ginawa. Eh yang si binay di pa nga pangulo, may kurakot na agad just arang nyo ba ng ganyan. Or nagagalit kayo Kay PNoy kasi di sya kurakot, at di nabibiyayaan ng kaban ng bayad ang mga bulsa nyo? Kung protests nyo eh tinutulungan nyo syang iangat ang pilipinas mas mabuti pa sana. Eh kayo?…. Ano ba ang ginawa nyo sa bansa ng nakatulong sa ating ekonomiya?



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