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Mall security guard dog-sits while its owner was in a restaurant

Netizen Cromwell Ramos Dela Rosa posted the cute story of a mall security guard at one of the popular go-to places in the metro who was dog-sitting a shih tzu for a family eating in a restaurant.

The family was apparently unaware of the policy of the fastfood restaurants in the mall that pets were not allowed inside the establishments. The dog was seen via CCTV sitting on a table. Mall security guards, therefore, were called to the scene to inform the dog’s owner of their policy.

The security guard who responded to the call, identified as SG Beniza, surprisingly took the dog and watched over him while his owners finished their lunch instead of reprimanding them. Dela Rosa was pleased to see despite dog-sitting not being a part of a security guard’s duties, SG Beniza still looked after the dog as a service to the mall’s customers.

guard 1
SG Beniza and his “customer” for the day.

Netizens were pleased to see such a warm and loving security guard who not only cared for people but for pets as well. Many commented on how they could immediately see kindness in SG Beniza’s eyes and how they wished there were more security guards like him.

Who knows? Maybe this will serve as an eye-opener to security agencies that security guards need not be strict nor serious to make their customers feel protected and cared for.

Written by KM Viray

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