Stranger guards netizen’s car left with a window open

Stories about honesty and truthfulness have been circulating lately on social media, proof that there are still a few good people out there.

Just recently, a post about an honest traffic enforcer in Greenhills who guarded a car with an open window was featured on social media.

READ: Traffic enforcer guards car with open window in Greenhills

Yesterday, July 18, 2o15, another story about an honest stranger was shared by netizen Judith Gerona Daen, who accidentally left her car window open in an SM Cubao parking lot. A stranger opted to watch over their car and asked for the help of the security to page them. The good samaritan even left a note on her car’s windshield and reminded her to always double check everything before she leaves her car. The good guy was Ryan Dominguez, apparently an agent from Toyota Abad Santos.

Read Daen’s post below:

Photo Credit: Facebook | J. Daen
Photo Credit: Facebook | J. Daen
Screengrab from Facebook | J. Daen
Screengrab from Facebook | J. Daen

Online users commended the action done by Dominguez saying Daen was indeed lucky that an honest man saw the open window, and after a few tags and FB searches, the post reached his attention. Dominguez said:

Ryan Dominguez: “Thanks Madam any person would do the same thing hindi naman po nakita sa CCTV ung mga kinuha kong gamit nyo ahahaha (the CCTV didn’t show the things I got from your car, anyway) Peace Madam and God bless po.”

One commenter questioned the intention of Dominguez for writing the company’s name in the note. He said it seemed staged, to which Dominguez replied:

Ryan Dominguez: “I placed my name and company for people to know that Marketing Professionals/Agents like myself of Toyota does not only do our job because of money. Malasakit po ang tawag dun. Masyado na masama ang tingin ng mga tao sa may TATTOO at AHENTE ibahin naman po natin ang tingin. (You call that concern. People perceive tattooed guys and agents to be bad guys, it’s time we change that perception.) Be happy! God bless us all! PROUD TO BE TATTOOED AND EMPLOYED.”

Read few of the comments below:

Screengrab from Facebook | J. Daen
Screengrab from Facebook | J. Daen

With positive stories like these, we can start saying that faith in humanity can slowly be restored.

Written by Jas Cruzada

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