Teen falls on train tracks while busy using with her mobile phone

A lot of youngsters seem to get fixated on their mobile phones and get hooked on different applications. It’s fine when used in moderation, but when they are too consumed with using their gadgets to the point of getting into accidents, it starts to get troublesome.

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In Bangkok, a student, who was so preoccupied with using her smartphone, fell onto the railway in front of an approaching train at BTS Krung Thonburi this morning, June 25.

According to Coconuts Bangkok, the train had to do an emergency stop after the guards noticed a girl trying to climb out from the tracks. The scene created hysteria in horrified commuters. One witness said the teen was so busy fiddling with her phone that she walked straight towards the tracks and fell.

Skytrain staff performed first aid on the girl who fell onto tracks. Photo Credit: / @kinkyvans
Skytrain staff performed first aid on the girl who fell onto the tracks.
Photo Credit: / @kinkyvans

Fortunately, the girl didn’t obtain major injuries from the fall – aside from a fractured arm, as Skytrain staff performed first aid on her. As for her iPhone, a photo of it lying on the side tracks was captured by a passenger.

The culprit. Photo Credit: / @kinkyvans
The culprit.
Photo Credit: / @kinkyvans

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