Man Rescued After 3 Days of Floating in the Sea

PHILIPPINES – A man named Timothy Roy Condino, who had been adrift for three days in the open waters between Batangas and Mindoro, was recently rescued by a number of seafarers.

The incident was detailed in a Facebook post of Mariel B Manico. It read:

habang nasa underway kami narescue namin c timothy roy condino na palutang lutang sa laot around the vicinity of batangas and mindoro…buti nlng napadaan kami kung saan sya nakita..thanks god buhay cya na 3days na daw cya na palutang lutang..

It was reported that Condino was rescued at around 5:00 PM yesterday, May 3. In the video, Condino can be seen thanking his rescuers. When asked why he was floating in the open water, he said that he fell off while riding a Jetski with his friend. He was left floating for some time, waiting for his friend to come back. However, he was carried out to the open water for three days until his rescue.

As of the time being, the Facebook post has reached more than 12,000 shares. The brother of Timothy Roy Condino also expressed his gratitude in a comment.


Written by dailypedia

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