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Thai employee in PH calls Filipinos ‘Pignoys’ and cockroaches

“If I were a Hitler, I would kill all filipinos on this earth. Since it is a useless race on this world. No quality of population. [email protected]#k, [email protected]#k, [email protected]#k and [email protected]#k producing babies to be street beggars, security guards holding guns. It is useless people on earth and waste the natural resources.”

-Koko Narak

Filipinos are known to be very hospitable, warm, and friendly aside from being resilient and generally happy-go-lucky. But congenial as Pinoys may be, they do not tolerate those who insult them or the country, especially if the offender is a foreigner living and working in the Philippines.

Koko Narak

A Thai employee at Cognizant Philippines, a company involved in information technology, consulting, and business process outsourcing services, seems to have a deep-seated dislike for the country and its people. Kosin Prasertsri, a.k.a. Koko Narak, 32, has been spreading hateful comments about the Philippines and has been bashing Filipinos around him.

Read his rants which he posted on the ASEAN COMMUNITY page, intentionally showing to other nationalities how he criticizes and insults Filipinos. See below screengrabs from kinsleytuy:

Koko Insult No. 1: He says Filipinos are only capable of becoming “maids and toilet lickers.”


Koko insult No. 2: He calls Filipinos “low class slum slaves”

Narak insult No. 2: He called Filipinos "low class slum slaves" PHOTO CREDIT:

Koko Insult No. 3: He calls Filipinos ‘Pignoys’


Koko Insult No. 4: He says Jollibee is ‘stupid taste food’

Koko Insult No. 4: Jollibee's food taste stupid PHOTO CREDIT:

Koko Insult No. 5: He questions Filipino doctors’ capabilities.

Koko Insult No. 5: He questions our doctors capabilities. PHOTO CREDIT:

Koko not only branded Filipinos as “Pignoys,” he says that they are only good as maids and toilet lickers. He also calls Filipinos “stupid creatures” who are disgusting like cockroaches.  Even Jollibee and Pinoy doctors weren’t spared from the mockery. He even tagged Pinoys as “low-class slum slaves.” With all these insults and such hate for all things Pinoy, why is he still here in the first place?

While the said racist did not mention where the hatred is coming from, he apparently has no qualms about sharing it.

He also apparently doesn’t care if his bosses find out about his racist remarks.

NOTE: People have posted complaints about Narak’s comments on his company’s Facebook page. The company has replied, saying that their legal counsel is already looking into the matter. Meanwhile, angry netizens have also posted their complaints on the company’s head office page as well.

If he doesn't know how to show respect to the country feeding him he is welcome to leave. NOW!  PHOTO CREDIT:
If he doesn’t know how to show respect to the country feeding him he is welcome to leave. NOW!

Written by Jas Cruzada

A single mom who loves to read poetry, manga, and anything interesting. Loves writing, listening to music, watching feel-good movies, and pigging out. A self-confessed Naruto addict, ex-OFW, and loving mother to a smart little boy.


  1. Lol! My fellow pinoys, just laugh on this. People of this kind are so STUPID! He is criticizing our nation while their reputation is the central prostitution of ASIA. Their women in the US either works for massage places or in a Thai restaurant.

  2. Nothing against thai people, they are nice and hospitable, i wonder where this dumb shit fag came from why he has the nerve to insult people around him just like that. People die in the philippines randomly you know. Lol

  3. I always have that good impression about Thai people. You are not one of them. You should be thrown somewhere else. Look at yourself first before humiliating PINOYS! You pignose!

  4. tama yan wag nyo paalisin ng pilipinas hanggan masira n lalo ulo nyan… cge post ka pa tungkol s aming mga Pilipino ewan ko lang kng di ka ma stress s trabaho, buhay muh… sana bawat kanto n dadaan may gagahasa sau.. bakla!!

  5. Make sure that your grammar is perfect before you say negative things about us Filipinos.. Not All thai’s are like you.. ugly face! go to hell!

  6. Maybe he is just so angry by himself. That is why he is not happy living in our country. If you are stay from other countries you have to understand very well their culture and adapt. But criticism is not acceptable wherever you will go. We-Filipinos are genuine people. We do our best to help our families. We work anything and sacrificed our own happiness for our love ones. We are strong in spirit because we believe in God. We believe to Love God above all things and love our neighbours as we love ourselves. These judgments are not true. Whenever you may reached, you can find us-Filipinos-working hard with different works. Because we are talented and skilled worker. I am a OFW from Singapore! I love my country and fellowmen. God bless. Don’t lose hope guys! ✌️

  7. OMG I’m Thai and I’m so embarrassed and disgusted for what this guy acted as an evil , Please don’t listen to this lower than earth person bla bla about other people ( Philpinos) let him rot in hell soon.

  8. Hoy Koko Narak! ang panget mo, pati s a pangalan mo palang ang sagwa at ang lansa mo!

  9. this thai guy must be so insecure of filipinos in the philippines ………………… he just need to go to back to thailand, he wont go to the philippines again and ever, this is how he insult this sweet country. he seem so jealous……………

  10. You know what, Koko Narak, if you hate living here in the Philippines, you better pack your bags and return to your country… Insulting Filipinos is just a resemblance of a bad image for you Thais.. Your attitude sucks and your grammar also sucks!!!!! And your face??? you do really look like a PIG!!!!!!



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