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Mutilated Sea Turtle Rescued and Gets Metal 3D-Printed Jaws

A sea turtle was rescued after it was accidentally hit and mutilated by a boat propeller. Weighing 100 pounds, the turtle was brought to a Sea Turtle Research Rescue and Rehabilitation Center in Dalyan, Turkey for treatment.

The Loggerhead Sea Turtle was named AKUT-3. The staff observed that because of the traumatic accident, the sea turtle was not properly able to feed himself due to a damaged jaw. They contacted BTech Innovation, a company known for 3D-printing medical prosthetics and for implant customization.

Photo Credit: Maritime Executive
Photo Credit: Maritime Executive

With work by the research center in collaboration with  BTech Innovation, AKUT-3’s jaw was replaced with a medical grade titanium metal 3D-printed jaw, so he could eat and survive even if he is returned to the sea.

Let’s watch the video:

The staff is still monitoring his recovery and making sure his condition is stable and his body will not reject the metal jaw implant. If all goes well, he will be returned to the sea

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